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Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Om Malik, founder of GigaOm, discusses Samsung’s unveiling of the new “Galaxy Gear” wristwatch device. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

You're watching." -- you're watching "bloomberg west." james packer has bought a larger stake in the real estate website zillow.

He is betting big on the u.s. housing market which hit a five- year high in early home starts.

The samsung has unveiled a smart watch and sony has its eye on wearable computing.

They can interpret hand gestures.

They plan to further develop chips so they can be used in self driving cars and medical equipment.

The tech blogosphere is talking about a video that accidentally featured an unreleased feature of the new google nexus phone.

It is bigger than the ones already on the market.

They have since taken down the video.

Linkedin has filed to raise $1 billion in a new stock sale offering twice the size of the company i the oh and it comes after linkedin shares up more than quadrupled in the past few years.

Ari leavy covers startups and he joins me now with more.

Why are they doing this?

You look at a fivefold run-up in the stock and you're able to to sell a tiny number of shares and raise money and twice the amount of money.

Money is never free, but this is as close as you get two free money.

They are able to bring in $1 billion at a time when interest rates are rising.

It's actually cheaper for us to sell equity than it is to sell debt, different than those who preferred the debt route.

Is that what they are aiming for?

They are shooting for $1 billion and they are selling a certain number of shares.

They will ultimately raise about $1 billion when this is over.

What are they going to use the money for?

Does this mean big acquisitions are on the way?

It's hard to see which companies they would buy.

They have a rich stock price and there may be some companies that would be more interested in the cache the stock price and now we have the cash to go after $200 million deals because they have that 800 $50 million on their balance sheet.

Linkedin has performed better than any tech ipo but are there any risks here?


You're going in at roughly 240 dollars per share and the stock is the third worst -- $240 per share and it is the third highest tech and were hoping on a multiple on that price.

It needs to go to 300, 400, 500 and this is already rich stock that needs to increase further.

Ari levy, thanks so much.

Samsung unveiled its new smart watch, the galaxy gear, and it would be near the launch of the new smart phone.

How important was it to beat apple to the wearable computing market?

Jon erlichman is back with more.

Think of the pr buzz google is generating with its own wearable device, google glass.

For more on marketing this product, i caught up with director of product marketing at samsung.

I asked how long the road has been.

Many think about the impact event and how long it takes to get here.

When we launched the galaxy s4 it is one and done at radio city music hall.

How do we want to per trade this in the world?

But there are processes along the world.

We're constantly working on these devices and we are working on the galaxy note 3 as we finished the galaxy note 2 so it's a constant pipeline of innovation.

It is not just sitting down to take a deep breath.

We are constantly innovating.

Right after the first, onto the next.

You you are wearing your very fashionable lxe gear and you have the latest note -- galaxy gear and the latest note device.

If you want to get some of the features tied to what you can do with a watch, you have to have a note 3. explain what that means.

Quick sure.

If you look at the wearable category of smart watches, there are a lot of common elements.

Quantified self things like pedometers and then things like notifications which delivers its from the phone to the device.

We want to do something different.

We want to create an ecosystem where you can use them in tandem.

If you have your galaxy gear a loan, you can take pictures, shoot 80 oh, obviously find out the, run standalone applications -- shoot video.

You have the ability to get notifications, upcoming appointment alerts.

I can lift up my notes and it will take me to that.

You call me and i get the notification here.

There are lots of cool stuff that leverages the interaction between the two.

The year itself is priced at $299. -- the gear is $299. when can i use it with other samsung devices and other devices period?

To be truly successful it is to be compatible with everything out there.

It is extending the smartphone experience to your wrist.

We are not talking about launching a watch.

We are launching a companion device for your telephone.

Expanding your note capability and making it easier to access.

The model for us initially is in about -- isn't about the standalone device.

It is an extension of the smartphone experience.

There are some devices already out there.

There has been a lot of pebble about apple getting into this business.

Do you think coming out with this device now helps you with this messaging?

We are out here and we have something in the market right now.

We characterize it as relentless innovation.

We want to bring them in as quickly as possible so not resting on our laurels.

Where the galaxy note 3 embodies the latest available smartphone technology, the gear has the latest wearable technology.

Because you have the latest ideas we are bringing to market as quick as possible it helps to reinforce the innovation story.

They may not necessarily feel the innovation back into the smartphone when you start talking about different form factors.

People really start to notice.

That was ryan bi dan, director of product marketing from samsung.

For a while now, now we could see something apple tv related as early as next week.

More on that next.

? i am emily chang and this is "bloomberg west" on bloomberg television, streaming on your ipad, and on bloomberg.com.

Bloomberg news has received these exclusive images of jeff bezos leaving the offices of his new company.

He agreed to bought -- by "the washington post," and his first visit to see the editors was this week.

A new phone will be unveiled but could apple also debut something new having to do with television?

My next guest thinks that maybe we could.

We have been talking about samsung.

How impressed are you with the things that were unveiled today, the watch in particular?

You already know what's going to be on the show.

We broke the watch story on gigaom.

I was off on the processor speeds and such.

This is a very nice way for samsung to get ahead of the news curve and get ahead of the apple news because when it comes, it is talk of the town of a very long time.

Mostly because they do interesting things or they do not.

They have a way of capturing a momentum in that sense.

From a product standpoint.

The galaxy line of phones and tablets are interesting and obviously they sell a lot.

I was a little underwhelmed by the watch.

I would not put it on my list just yet.

I am an analog watch and i think there is a certain quality there.

I did not see that from the galaxy gear.

I don't think i needed.

$300 is expensive even though i'm happy to spend much more on a watch.

I just did not think it grabbed me that i would run out and buy it.

Should apple be worried?

They should be worried about what they are not doing.

They start worrying about samsung, sony, microsoft.

We're expecting apple to to unveil at least one iphone.

There might be a new apple tv.

The set top box.

This is not the apple tv, that unicorn we have been talking about for months and months.

Do you think it actually exists?

Or could this unicorn be simply a better version of the set top box we have now?

A lot of the rumors around apple, half of them are true.

They were talking about the iphone long before there was an iphone.

They were talking about the ipod long before there was an ipod.

There is an iwatch and there is a tv.

The timing is a little hard to predict.

As someone who runs a prominent blog, how do you do with the rumors and speculation to separate fact from fiction?

You have sources.

If you've been doing it for a long time.

You here from certain people and you kind of have a mental check list and some things just don't make any sense.

I did not have enough information.

A lot of the speculation gets out . how big a problem is it that an apple tv set is not out yet?

Yet there are smart tvs and watches out there already.

There were a lot of tablets before the ipad launched.

You do not need to get distracted by what other people are doing.

That is the number one thing apple has to do.

The second thing is i feel apple as a company has lost a bit of a grip on its own storyline.

It cannot control its own message as well as it did during the steve years.

They need to take a step back.

How do we go back to taking control of our own story?

Is it because steve is not there?

I don't know why that is.

The majority of the reason is that there is a missing storyline is because steve is not there.

He was a central character to the apple storytelling.

The storytelling is very important and i think they need to find a new way of telling the story.

Honestly, that's not the right way we are thinking apple but also how do we tell the story?

They preannouncing products without really having a product.

We will be watching next week.

You will be watching next week as apple unveil something.

Om malik from gigaom, thank you.

Tomorrow on "bloomberg west," talking to the ceo from smart watch pebble.

That is tomorrow on the early edition of "bloomberg west," 10:00 a.m. pacific, 1:00 p.m. eastern.

Are these photos of the next iphone?

One tech blogger and australia claims to has his hands on a yet to be released apple phone.

He is here next on "bloomberg west." ? welcome back.

I am emily chang.

This is "bloomberg west." and blogger in australia has been posting pictures of what he says are new iphones and other unreleased products.

He joins me now via skype from melbourne.

Sunny, i looked at the pictures on your blog.

You think these are pictures of the new iphone that's not out yet?

They are.

How do you get these products?

They come from the supply chain like foxconn and all of those.

I get people to get them for me and then i release pictures of them.

Workers at foxconn give you the products?


They take pictures.

I would get the parts sent to me.

Why would these people give his products to you?

There are legal implications.

I pay them.

And then you sell the products afterwards?

Who do you sell them to?

People who want to do videos on them, stuff like that.

How did you get into this?

I don't even know.

I just stumbled on it.

Other products that you have seen yet?

The gold iphone s, maybe a gray one.

They are doing the 5c in all 5 colors.

That will be coming out next week the people really have not seen much of.

I saw that on your youtube channel.

This seems to be a tremendous interest in seeing this product.

Has anyone from apple ever contacted you?

No one has e-mailed me yet.

I'm just waiting.

How much do you pay for these products?

About 250. u.s. dollars?


For $250 you can get an iphone 5. are you at all worried or nervous about the legal petitions -- implications?

A bit.

I don't know what's going to happen.

You have your own youtube channel supported by ads.

You sell ads on your website which is fairly well trafficked and you also fix iphones and ipods.

You make quite a good living.

You could say that.

Anything tv related?

For apple tv?

It should come in a few weeks.

We will be checking in with you.

Tech blogger in melbourne, australia.

Check out his blog.

It is time now for the "b-west byte," the one number that tells a whole lot.

The number of one.

That is how many days of battery life you will get with the samsung galaxy gear . like your phone, this sucker needs a charge and often.

I pointed highlighting this is like with any new device, whether it is a smartphone are watch, it takes a few weeks of figuring out living with her to know with the experiences like like.

Battery charging is an important part of the story.

The pebble watch as a few days of charge.

We will speak to the founder about that tomorrow.

Thank you all for watching this edition of "bloomberg west." we'll be back tomorrow.

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