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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Vinous Founder Antonio Galloni discusses wines and online wine reviews on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Reviews differently?

Everything that we do at venice is driven by that exact ambition, that goal, to make wine accessible as much as possible.

I want to walk into a restaurant in america and see a great bottle of wine on every table.

Everything we do is around that.

You target less high-end and more the population like me you might not know what about wine but likes to ring get -- drink it?

Whether you are a collector, we have a lot of reviews like that, but we have a review called a ventas favorite, it delivers outstanding quality.

Explore all things wine, for anyone who likes wine.

I know that you are trying to open wine up to a broader audience, and make it more accessible.

You still give wine ratings.

Talk to me about the ratings, because i'm one of those people who looks at 25,000 ratings, and want to understand what is the different between a 92 to 96 , and nothing less than 70? there is a whole thought process that goes into wide a right review -- writing a wine review.

Should i drink it today, should again five years, should i drink it in 10 years?

There are all of these things that makes it easy for people to understand.

In the 96 point range for your talking about life-changing whites.

These are just been a full -- a beautiful wines that represent three parts of california that i am particularly enamored with, starting with the sonoma coast.

This is a pain own a warrant -- pino nior, wine of great perfume.

It is not that complicated.

Around $60. you understand what i'm talking about.

You go there, it looks like it is apple central, and then you go to thee mountains, and the bc -- and then you see pinot noir and chardonnay.

They are higher-end wines, but i love the straight cabernet for not too expensive.


That is not accessible to a lot of people.

The entry level is to go to top producers, and you still getting all of the quality of production at a lower price.

I was looking at the drought in california, which is clearly a problem for the california winemaking industry.

It would play to an excerpt of the conversation i had of been a general -- with the general manager of this winery.

Here is what he had to say when i asked him if there was any truth to this idea that drought years for dues the best wines.

I think that vineyards are unusually resilient compared to other crops in a drought.

You are unlikely to lose the bind themselves, but there is a practical limit to how much a good vine can ripen a cluster of grapes.

You want a dry climate, you want a certain level of concentration, but you get to the point where you cannot do the work that it needs to do.

So how much of a threat does the drought in your mind those to the california wine industry?

To what degree are drinkers like alex and i going to notice?

One is an effect on quantity, and the other is in effect on quality.

Vines are very sensitive, they're very much like people.

They haven't accumulated history of things that have happened to it.

What vines do not like is shocked.

If you have dry warm weather for a long time, that might actually be favorable to having shocking events that are really stressful to vines.

The quality of the vintage is really the determinate in the last 4-6 weeks.

You cannot make any estimation on the quality coffee can only talk about production.

Does that open up other areas of the united states?

First you're going to have 2012 about an abundant year, that is not just this one vintage but this whole context of california wine.

That will actually create a little bit of surplus.

2013 is flat to slightly down, and 2014 is too hard to say.

If the production were to be slightly.gov that would open the opportunity for other markets in other regions to make up for that.

Share with us what you see in the future.

What are you going to do with your business?

I want to go to the billion dollar business model, with a lot of hard work.

What about international wine cellars, the wine advocate?

What opportunities are they not exploiting?

Perfectly good opportunities, but we look at the world a little bit differently.

We have the most modern technology platform out there, the most modern tools, the mavs, that videos, a lot of things in development.

Technology is a big leader for us, where a lot of the rest of the industry views technology as a means of dissemination.

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