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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Patti Hart, chief executive officer of International Game Technology, discusses technology's impact on the gaming industry. She speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Innovation is introduced.

There has been an amazing collision between hollywood and the gaming industry.

A lot of big brands.

They are bracing the technological advances you see everywhere, from tech -- touch technology to audio advances.

I have seen companies that would do things like real-time sports betting on mobile devices . or chip counting technology.

Do you see a lot of that kind of thing?

That is absolutely certain.

I think you see a lot of the chip in the chip example.

You are stunning to see the technology proven in other industries that will be more conservative given its regulatory elements.

Those technologies that have been proven in other industries are making their way to the casino floor.

There is no question about it.

You combine it with the move to new platforms online and in mobile.

Our industry is becoming more reliant on technological advances.

You guys are going to the internet.

You acquired double down, a social media poker thing.

How is that going?

We could not be happier with the performance of double down.

Our theory going in was the social infrastructure combined with the game library that have been proven over the years, it would be a sure hit.

We are finding that is exactly what is happening.

Our content is the differential reader -- 15 g-8 that businesses at a rate of $200 million in revenue a year.

We expect to continue to grow in the future.

What is it about gaming companies going online?

I think journalists focused on zynga.

I wonder what expertise it is you think will let you reach a more general consumer?

It is a couple of things.

We reach a general interest consumer in casinos every day.

That is not new for us.

It is taking the experience to new devices.

First and foremost, it is about content and the experience.

The audio, the graphics, a combined package basis that consumers look for.

Different than seeing it, we are focused on social casino experiences.

Bringing the vegas experience to the mobile device on the desktop.

We are finding that differentiation does matter to those who choose to consume gaming in this way.

I have asked about yahoo.

There was a conundrum about your resume.

That you had a degree in marketing and economics.

What happened there?

I think it is activism a growing activity.

I stand behind my credentials.

I'm scrutinized by every regulator around the globe.

I stand behind my credentials and my representation.

It is about cycles.

Yahoo is in a cycle that is positive for them.

They are -- their investors are getting what they deserve.

Inspired leadership.

I have been very pleased with the last year.

I never understood how that happened.

I have never seemed to understand how that happened that your resume got changed completely.

There is a lot of discussion about what happens in the internet world today and how information flows.

As i indicated, i stand behind the credentials in the way i represented them.

I think that is what matters.

That was patty heart with our editor at large.

It is time for the bwest byte.

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