I'm Wary About Samsung's Smartwatch: Sakr

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Engadget's Sharif Sakr discusses Samsung's unveiling of the new “Galaxy Gear” wristwatch with Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

Let's deal with this point about consumers who may not be interested in wearing such a watch.

That's my fear.

It looked seriously chunky.

Watches for women seem to be a lot smaller.

I was worried samsung is going to get a market because it has to be so big.

It is not as bad as i feared.

I showed it to my wife.

She thought she would not he able to wear it to work, but she was not horrified by it.

You are not wearing a watch.

I'm not wearing a watch.

There are a lot of people who do not wear watches.

This is an issue.

Rex ryan would like to wear a watch.

I will not wear this one.

This is not a smart watch.

I do not see how it deserves the name.

This is not what i was hoping for.

People say it is not smart enough because used domain your phone next to the device to allow it to work thoma , so it is a companion device.

The whole category is a missed opportunity.

They could have designed this differently, and i think they rust this to be apple to the post.

The 500 pounds phone comes out, so what is smart about it?

My image is something that would entice people to say, i have a tablet.

Does the next phone need to be a big thing in my pocket?

Will they give up their phone for a watch?

I should be using it to swipe in.

It does not do enough.

A watch could do so much if they took it to the next step.

You can make calls if you see yourself as the next dick tracy.

You can pretend to talk through it.

You are using the low- power standard.

It is a a deal.

You can use it without burning the battery on the phone, but phones got smaller a long time ago.

Three inches even a couple years ago we can get a low that.

-- below that.

There probably are limitations to how small he can be.

Ones i have heard talk about it.

There are all kinds of blogs and videos of people posting what they think about it.

There are those who speak more positively whose they it is price the low -- below $300. could it just the scene as a fashion accessory for people who are into that third of thing?

-- that kind of thing?

Rex there are plenty of evil, and this may sell.

We have got the sony smart watch.

They are giving that away free with the newest phone.

Even $300 is kind of looking

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