I'm Optimistic About Carnival's Recovery: CEO

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Carnival President and CEO Arnold Donald discusses how the company is recovering the brand after the fallout from two mishaps at sea. He spoke with Bloomberg's Carol Massar. (Source: Bloomberg)

Exclusive interview with their chief executive.

How will the company bring this passengers back on board?

A former carnival board member, arnold donalds, he has only have the job since july.

He is feeling the fallout from to mishaps.

He is optimistic the company is on the road to recovery.

You guys have done a lot in terms of recovering the carnival cruise lines brand.

You are spending a lot of money across all the fleet, the advertising campaign.

A lot of effort.

Do you know it will pay off?

We certainly hope it will.

In terms of looking at pricing and all that stuff?

Is a very complex world and complex as this.

We have 10 brands spread across the world.

European economy is not the best.

We have had upsets in serious and greece and other places.

That affects itineraries.

Carnival is the most important, isn't it?

It is the largest part.

How large is it?

We tend not to give brand by brand information.

But it is a big deal?

Yes, it is.

After all, we need to drive returns, drive earnings, and we need to have free cash flow and we need all the brands performing to do that.

Our concern is ensuring the onboard experience is tremendous and that word-of-mouth will get people to give it a chance.

They haven't been great over the last three quarters.

That is not the trendline you want to see.

When do you start to see that trend line change?

We are hoping we will see improvements in the second half of next year.

It will be more in recovery and the impact that happened this year.

Also the economies around the world are improving.

The smart thing to do here is whether the world changes positively or not, our job is to see -- to exceed our guest' expectations.

So we are looking at the third straight year of lower profits.

That's not great, is it?

, no, that's not great.

My job is to look hard.

To learn from the best.

Carnival is spending 700 million dollars for safety improvements to ensure that passengers are safe once on board.

Another big stand -- $25 million on an advertising campaign.

That is the largest ad spending

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