I Knew I was Going to Be in `Flash Boys’: Katsuyama

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April 3 (Bloomberg) -- IEX President and CEO Brad Katsuyama discusses his part in the Michael Lewis book, “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt.” (Source: Bloomberg)

"flash boys coco what should be done to improve our markets.

Brad katsuyama is in the book.

Did you know you were going to be in the book when michael lewis first came to you?

I knew i was going to be part of the book.

I think when he decided to go to canada and meet my parents and friends, i realized i was going to be a larger part of the book.

Here is one of the great distinctions.

This goes back to your tenure at salomon brothers.

From "the new york times," "mr.

Lewis seemingly glosses over the real black hats -- the big exchanges which are enabling and profiting handsomely from the extra fast access they are providing to certain investors." the point in the book -- i cannot believe anybody who read the book said that.

Pages and pages about it.

The whole point of the story is he is creating an exchange that is the one fair exchange for investors.

I will give you credit for this.

Michael mckee said, "has anyone read the book?" did you read it with scotch or without scotch?

It is also reminiscent of "moneyball." a book comes out that is about the disruptive force in the market.

It is disruptive entrepreneurship.

Because it is so disruptive, all the interested parties feel they have to have an opinion before they have read the book.

The public traded markets i think are a huge deal here.

The competition to create volume -- is that the heart of this discussion?

Competition, there are not only the 13 public exchanges, there are 35 dark pools.

When they are all competing for volume, the easiest way is to create high-speed trading.

That has shifted the focus away from investors and companies to intermediaries and high-speed

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