Can Malaysia Airlines Survive After Flight 370?

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March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Airline Weekly Managing Editor Seth Kaplan discusses his outlook for Malaysia Airlines in the wake of the company's missing jet on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

In a similar vein but on a serious note -- malaysia airlines.

We know it for the missing plane.

It is the third worst performing airline in the world.

Operating margins of -4%. seth kaplan joins us, 239 people dead with a plain missing, how can the airline survive?

Probably on a government cash infusion.

This is a majority-owned government airline.

Over the years, we have seen airlines in a situation like this that were teetering anyway, on the brink.

Twa 800 and swissair 111. those all happened a couple years before those airlines either want away or essentially did.

Twa was acquired by american.

Air france survived fine.

That is different, air france was a stronger airline.

Malaysia air, one of the fastest growing in the world and growing at 70% average seats per mile.

-- at 17% average seats per mile.

Growing rapidly and am profitably.

This is a fixed cost industry.

You have expensive airplanes is so you might as well fly them as much as possible.

Jet fuel has been a variable cost.

Let me ask you -- if you have family members, do they fly major role developed economy carriers?

After what we saw and san francisco with asiana or malaysia air, can i have equal confidence in second-tier asian airlines?

These airlines have very good safety records -- malaysia airlines had a good safety record.

Do not equate financial problems with what is happened.

A half decade ago, half the u.s. industry was bankrupt and they are perfectly safe to fly.

I would fly it, i would not invest in it.

Michael fertik, ceo of, what do you tell the man who is running malaysia airlines?

You distance yourself from the malaysian government.

They were stalling the revelations about what happened, was very confused about what the military radar version of the civilian surveillance indicated.

They did not cooperate well with

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