I Believe a Shutdown Is Avoidable: Sen. Thune

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Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Senator John Thune, a South Dakota Republican, talks with Peter Cook about the prospect of a government shutdown, where he sees possible points of agreement and the political impact of a shutdown. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Number three republican in the u.s. senate.

Thank you for the time.

Are you expecting a shutdown at midnight tonight?

I think it is.

If we can get cooperation we will move fairly quickly.

We will see where it goes from there.

You have heard harry reid that is going to reject everything they have talked about and send over a clean, continuing resolution.

What should john boehner do?

It is hard to know exactly what he will do.

It was a lot to do what he can get 218 votes for in the house.

My hope would be to send something over here that is passable.

There are medical device taxes.

34 democrats votes.

This is for appealing -- getting rid of the medical device tax, something that is very unpopular . there may be some things that could come back that might find acceptance here in the senate.

More than anything else, we need senate democrats to vote with republicans today.

Is john boehner risking for -- republican credibility?

They did.

I do not think anything wins.

I think that reflects poorly on republicans and democrats both.

My hope would be that is avoidable.

We want to fund the government.

We realize we have a health-care wall that is incredibly unpopular with the american all.

It is costing us jobs in the economy.

We have a lot of people here in the congress who ran on that.

They obviously want to have that voice heard and make sure the

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