I Always Feel Safe in U.S. Capitol: Sen. Flake

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Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) comments on the lockdown of the U.S. Capitol after shots were heard outside. He speaks with Peter Cook on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Can you tell us what you know at this point?

I was about to come outside of the capital and walk to my office when i was told, stay away from the window and get down.

By a police officer?


I heard there was a shooter, some injuries, second constitution.

Since then the capital has been on lockdown.

No one has given you any information?

I have gotten -- not gotten back to my office yet hired -- yet.

It sounds like this may have been a car chase situation.

The police were in pursuit of someone.

It's not clear this was something targeted at the capital -- capitol at this point.

On the radio, it did say a vehicle.

What are your thoughts about safety and security appear?

We don't have to -- up here.

We don't have to remind everyone what happened to gabby giffords.

I've always felt good about the protection here.

Tell us what the police told you at that time.

I got to the door and they would not let me out the door.

I followed their instructions.

Do you have any sense that the shutdown has any impact on security?

Fewer doors are open, but beyond that, have not noticed it.

Security is foremost and they are taking care of it.

I was trying to explain to our viewers, there is not as many people on the hill right now.

Tell us how small your staff is today versus last week.

We have about five or six as opposed to 25. it's much smaller now.

There are far fewer people on capitol hill right now.

Do you have any sense of something like this being so close to the capitol, whether he will impact operations?

We are trying to get the government opened up regardless.

Let me make sure i understand one detail.

The report you heard on the radio was injuries.

Do you have an indication as to who was injured?

I have no idea.

It was on the police radio and they were saying injuries.

I appreciate it very much.

Senator jeff blake of arizona -- flake of arizona joining us.

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