Hyundai Braces for Third Straight Year of Strikes

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Aug. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s David Ingles examines how a strike may impact the output of Hyundai Motor Co. as almost 70 percent of workers endorsed a possible strike over wages that may begin later this week. He speaks on “On The Move.”

Let's have a look at what is emerging at the moment.

Hyundai facing a third straight week of strikes what would be the potential financial impact here and what do we know so far?

We know that they are no stranger to strikes.

I think they have seen 22. going back to 1988. in total, you put together all they have lost, we are talking $60 billion going back to 1988. you look at the number of vehicles -- here we go.

1.3 million vehicles.

39 million, that gives us an idea of just how expensive it can be for the company.

They have production facilities all over the world.

There you go.

You are looking at -- that is the capacity for production facilities outside of korea.

The company has three main facilities.

The biggest one, in fact, they call it the world's single largest factory, 1.5 million in ulsan.

Together, this makes up 40% of their global capacity.

Let's take a look at what we could be seeing.

That is their target for domestic production in south korea for this year.

A very small portion of the 680,000 is for the domestic market.

This could impact sales.

We are talking 1.2 meet -- 1.2

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