Hunter CEO: Brand has Urban and Country Appeal

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Feb. 17 (Bloomberg) -- James Seuss, CEO at Hunter Boot, discusses the coming launch of the company’s retail outlets and the global potential of their brand. He appears on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Brand interesting.

We appeal to urban citydwellers and people in the countryside.

In 2015 will be launching a field ranger product that is more for purpose.

It is technical and takes the boot to the next level.

I think there is an opportunity for urban consumers to experience the brand in a different way as well.

They can exist very well together.

During the week, they can have a experience with boots and have a different need for the product.

It has both uses for the consumer.

, spec of the business get?

You just had $100 million.

How much bigger can the business get?

We hope to get a much bigger levels.

We think there is a chance to be global.

The u.s. is amazing right now in terms of sales.

The u.k. has always been our home market.

We have great interest from china, japan, korea, europe, germany, italy.

We have a great global potential.

We have an open -- we have not opened retail stores yet.

Outs opening retail stores and that will be the start of a direct consumer journey.

How do you develop a business?

You had a wholesale offering.

You are now going to be launching a retail experience.

We look at a humpy like burberry who wants to control the channels to the consumer, how are you going to go direct with the consumer?

Will it be a mix?

How is it going to work?

Our opportunity is to divide a amazing consumer experience.

Where we can do that with their own stores, that is great during the weekend partner that is great.

It we can communicate the hunter experience.

We think the web presents an amazing opportunity.

We have very good sales in the u.s. and the u.k. over quality trading.

We were surprised about the readiness to buy wellington boots online.

That is our largest opportunity as we expand hunter around the lobe -- globe.

We are faced with the kind of financial firepower, how do you grow?

It does help us with some of the things a big house can help with.

I do think that in certain areas, it is great to have a big group behind you to support.

On the other side, we have -- we can be much more entrepreneurial and faster.

We can move at a different pace.

In terms of the pace, let us talk about global development.

How are you going to roll this brand out around the world?

Concentrating on the u.s. and the u.k., that is our primary objective in terms of developing the business there with retail and great wholesale and online businesses.

Canada is doing extremely well for us.

Japan and asia, we don't have a presence in china yet.

That is a great opportunity for us.

Those will be our major markets along with germany where we just opened up a dusseldorf show room.

There are key markets that we will concentrate on for the next couple of years at least to make sure we get those right.

There's so much opportunity in those markets on.

A private equity investor usually has an exit in mind.

Is it going to be something that winds up being consumed by something else?

Activity many different options.

As you said, one of the options would be to be part of a group where there would be synergies to be had.

That is one option.

Another option would be for some to see the great retail potential and want to invest in retail and by the brand and develop a larger network of retail stores.

It is early days for us.

There are several interesting kinds of opportunities i had for hunter.

That is a great interview.

It is refreshing to hear a lot of executives say they do so much online because it is a cheaper price point when you buy the boots.

You know what you are getting.

He was apprised people do it.

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