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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Humin's Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ankur Jain discusses the smarter way to search contacts in your smartphone. He speaks on “Taking Stock”. (Source: Bloomberg)

Now everyone can get in on it.

I'm joined by the chief executive.

Thanks so much for being here.

What is humin?

What problem are you trying to solve?

One, and terrible with names.

I have a problem with walking down the street and not only see and remember almost everything about you -- we met last week, we were friends, we dated -- somehow the name escapes me.

That's actually not uncommon.

We set out to solve the problem by making the phone part of your phone smart.

How did you do this?

How did you take the idea of me meeting you, not remembering your name -- how do i look you up?

Today, your phone app is a giant off of medical list of everybody you have ever met.

When you open your phone, it thinks the most important person in your life is aaron.

Mom is half way down the list.

We wondered what if we could remember people the way you naturally do, integrate with your calendar and contacts and phone locations, to find out when i meet you, remember that moment here and now, so later, i open up the phone and tell it that i need to call the guy i met last night.

Or if i land in new york, can it search my contacts automatically to find my contacts who live in new york because they become contextually relevant the minute i land.

You have to have gps turned on to make it work?

You can turn it on and off.

It will integrate with your calendar directly, look at the clock and time when you meet people, so think of the phone app.

You open it.

Humin becomes your new phone.

You make calls, your voicemails, everything just like you are used to it, except instead of a giant off of medical list, you just search the way you as a user remember people.

H-u-m-i-n, humin.

How do you make money?

By solving this crazy problem, we can become the social layer -- lair on all these devices.

You can actually use it the way you would normally use your own.

Imagine on your car or any other connected devices, we can put people into context, and it will navigate to the person you are meeting next.

That means you will not forget anybody's name ever again.

Frankly, having an actual organization to your life.

One of our biggest goals today is people can put technology in the background of their life, and they will not have to worry about sitting and fiddling through lists.

Thanks, humin cofounder.

Next, blackberry.

This is "taking stock" on bloomberg.


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