Hulu Said Close to Naming Fox's Hopkins as CEO

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Oct. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Hulu is close to naming Fox executive Mike Hopkins as its chief executive officer, two people with knowledge of the matter said. Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman and Paul Sweeney report on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

N, how did they come to choose this man as a good fit for a new ceo?

Hen hulu's owners decided -- when hulu's owners decided they would not sell this business, what would be the decision on the ceo?

We have been working the phones for a long time.

The reason behind mike hopkins is he is somebody who knows the business already.

His role at fox the last few years has been to generate more money for the business through affiliate fees, the fees generated through the deals fox has with different pay tv dividers.

As more people are able to access hulu, maybe all of the owners can benefit from having somebody like mike hopkins in this job.

Paul, give me your take on that.

Is he the right fit?

At least we have definitive leadership for this company.

When the market looks at the tremendous success of netflix, where is hulu in all of this?

A have some deep pocketed owners.

Where is hulu?

They only have 4 million pay tv subscribers.

They just have not had any presence in the marketplace.

A lot of people are disappointed that this company was not sold or spun out.

The owners did put in $750 million.

They showed a big commitment.

Now they can be players for programming.

They have leadership and the big issue for them is -- is it too late?

I do not think so.

It is a business that can be served by more than one player, such as netflix.

It is a big business that is growing quickly.

Jon, why am i going to choose hulu over netflix right now?

These are good questions.

The next for goods -- focus for hulu is to roll out a original shows and do something similar to what netflix has been successful with.

Everyone has been talking about the netflix original "house of cards." hulu is not doing a lot of original shows.

There was a lot of talk.

Should they choose someone who is well-known in the industry for championing new shows who can talk about big productions and attract a lot of talent?

That is a really important question.

Are people going to want to watch reruns?

Hulu has been quite successful to this point.

Are they going to go there for something they cannot see anywhere else?

More original content.

Am i the only one who feels content overload?

We are inundated with original -- it used to be you would go on thursday night and watch your "friends" episode.

Now you have everything.

You have a dozen or more shows that people are watching.

Just the broadcast networks launched over 30 shows just this fall.

You have traditional cable networks like pbs and usa -- tbs and usa, which ran "csi" every day.

Now they are driving their affiliate fee rates.

We have hbo, which has been so successful with "the sopranos." now you have netflix.

Who would have thought netflix

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