Hulu Needs Better Leadership: Johnson

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July 12 (Bloomberg) --Bet Founder Bob Johnson reacts to the halting of bidding for Hulu on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

They're still for sale.

You have different owners with different opinions as to what this structure and role is.

In terms of what contents should and should not be available.

In a fast-moving industry such as the digital world of content, you can't have rule by committee.

You have to have a decisive entrepreneur with a supportive ownership moving forward.

They will be putting 750 million dollars into the business to help it grow long- term.

In a business like that, how should money like that be spent?

That's the issue.

It's not how the money should be spent.

It's an issue of how do they agree on how the money should be spent.

If you look at all the strong arch of her narrow companies -- entrepreneurial companies, they have found her - fo- founder vision and control.

Is there a price that would satisfy everyone and and the saga?

-- end the saga?

I don't know.

But when you look at where the industry is going, these brands are getting tremendous value . if you can grab one of those assets at a low price like $1 billion, you throw your hat in the ring.

If the guys are willing to sell it, you take it and then you put the 750 billion into it.

Ultimately hulu will be sold.

It's just not an institution that has the core direction that he needs from a unified management.

That was bt founder bob johnson with jon erlichman in sun valley.

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