This Giant 100-ft. Wave May Be Largest Ever Surfed

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Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on a surfer riding a huge ave off the coast of Portugal. (Source: Bloomberg)

If you look at the september quarter and the iphone growth, you have to make adjustments.

They are basically growing at around 17% per unit.

The overall high-end market is growing at five percent.

They are growing faster than the overall market.

There implied guidance they do not get specific categories, it looks like it is somewhere between 13%-15% growth.

The other theme here is they are expecting to grow faster than what the overall market is in a december.

Ipad might you mentioned, some of cook's comments, it is a bit of a wild card.

In terms of the 5s versus 5c, cook made a point of saying it is not an entry into the emerging markets.

What did you make of his explanation?

I think what has confused analysts and investors is that

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