Arianna Huffington: News 'Virality' Can Be a Fetish

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April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Huffington Post Media Group President Arianna Huffington discusses the company’s future and digital media and content on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

After hours, unless you're on the night shift or weekend shift, you are not expected to answer company e-mail.

If we need you, we find you.

You save them for judgment.

Bill clinton is quoted in my book the point is, we can all say that.

I can say that about my life.

I saw a headline about your book.

Is this a fair way -- you and cheryl r. she has given a wonderful endorsement of the book.

It is on the back jacket.

I think it is about dealing with our own inner adult fears, especially fears of failure for women.

Daring to dream big.

Completely consistent with what i am saying.

Which is we also need to lean back in order to recharge ourselves and be more effective and more productive and more creative.

Especially here in san francisco, in the valley, the premium is created this way.

The first thing that goes when we are burnt out is our ability to be creative.

Steve jobs said some of his best ideas have led to the best products.

An article, why women cannot have it all.

What is your philosophy?

Can we have it all?

That is a way to define for ourselves what having it all means.

We need to stop buying in what success is and having it all means and follow our own path.

Decide for ourselves what really makes us happy.

When it comes to continuing to build the huffington post, what do you want to do you plan to infuse the things you have learned in the latest stage of your life?

The e-mail policies, yoga, meditation, healthy snacks etc.. but also, as we are growing, we are now at 95 million p.m. 35% up from around the world.

We are growing in launching in country after country, and we are holding conferences in each country and looking at where are the stress lines, and what are the new ways of doing things in each country?

You say going viral does not necessarily mean mission accomplished.

Isn't that the whole tournament -- ultimate measure of success?

Depends on the value.

It is not just how important it is that how entertaining it is.

I think it is very valuable to recognize --[inaudible] and to really look much more carefully.


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