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July 4 (Bloomberg) -- HTC returned to profit after the release of its marquee M8 smartphone and a cut in marketing costs helped stem the effects of a continued decline in sales. David Ingles reports on "On The Move Asia." (Source: Bloomberg)


They came out with a larger than anticipated profit.

We are talking about htc.

It is a company which used to be called the high tech computer corporation.

The first company to come out with a android smart phone.

It looked like it was in bad shape.

Second quarter, decent numbers.

Compared to what they used to make, maybe not.

It is the first time that i see the color black.

The last time was in the fourth quarter.

That was when they sold off beats electronics.

It is an operating profit we are seeing, $81 million.

Net income, $76 million, 12% higher.

On the revenue side, you have a good month in april.

They really say smartphone in march.

That helped in april.

They came out with a plan to cut down costs.

$110 million less.

Sales came out at the bottom end.

It looks like they did meet target.

Getting to the numbers, what are people saying about this?

That is what they are saying, no.

Estimates -- general expectations in second-quarter, best one we will see this year.

Sales were down eight percent.

The lower end of the oh and forecast.

The smallest drop in sales and 2011. that shows you how much challenges the company faced.

They were manufacture of the year in 2011. they did quite well between 2006, 2010, off the high-end.

Right now, a different ballgame.

They are struggling to keep market share.

Apart from sansone -- apart from samsung, they have a series of phones.

They may release a wearable devices.

Analysts are saying general

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