HTC CEO Shifts Focus, Tablet Tuesday on Tap

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Scarlet Fu reports on today's top tech stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Really smart on rupert murdoch, news corp., all the different changes in media.

Thrilled to have him on "bloomberg surveillance" tomorrow.

Today, sara eisen as always with tom keene and our guest host is david herro from oakmark international.

Scarlet fu has from the files of "bloomberg west" -- hsbc -- hsbc has moved -- chu said he needed to be more involved in innovation and product will fully you the world's biggest phone property posted the biggest profit decline in 14 years.

China mobile tumbling almost nine percent in the last quarter.

Being hit by cost as of building a network or it also faces competition from third party messaging apps causing some user -- users to switch.

Apple is not the only electronics maker rolling out a new tablet tomorrow.

Microsoft and tokyo -- nokia also unveil a new device.

Nokia will unveil a new tablet as part of a launch of six new radix at an event in abu dhabi -- six new products at an event in abu dhabi.

We look at the stories

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