HSBC Profit Falls 12% on Investment Banking Decline

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Aug. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Manus Cranny examines first-half results from HSBC as earnings fell 12 percent on a decline in investment banking profit. He speaks on “The Pulse.”

Those are the details as i have them.

Manus cranny is working his way through the numbers as well.

The stock is down.

A miss on the headline.

$12.3 billion, just under 11% on last year.

The buffer of capital they have, this is a big issue.

Ain't no more capital.

Capital at a just is much more robust.

That rises to 10.8%. what we want to see is how are they performing in brazil and argentina question -- and argentina?

Not so much concerned with china.

Litigation is one of the key areas we want to keep an eye on here.

I want to look at the ppi numbers as well.

I do not know if that was an expense.

They had a headlined of 75 million pounds conserved for ppi.

Underlying profit before tax down $175 million, or 4%. we will dig into these, guys.

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