HP Expands Board With Microsoft, McDonald's Execs

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Hewlett-Packard, the computer giant in the midst of a turnaround effort, added three new directors, including a longtime software leader from Microsoft and a former chief executive officer from McDonald’s. Emily Chang reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Developments" for netflix.

Hewlett-packard adding three new board members months after ousting the chairman after meg whitman tries to turn the company around.

A former mcdonnell ceo, and the former chief stockport arkansas -- software architect of microsoft.

With these appointments expand from 9-12 members.

The company says it is still looking for world-class directors.

Also looking for a new non- executive chairman in april.

All this comes just days after new numbers show that a no vote overtook h-p in the second quarter for the title of world's largest pc maker as pc sales fell.

Shares are little changed.

And how can a stock for a guy in media guy helped h-p? for that we turn to an analyst from bloomberg industries.

Why add the?

And why these particular members?

This company suffers from the constant question, what is the right size and makeup of the board?

Do we have right old world experience?

Do we have enough new world direction in terms of software and media experience?

I think if we look at the composition of the team members right now, there is a little bit of balance.

You have a former mcdonald's ceo who has significant experience in terms of the product line.

How to make a product line that has mass-market appeal.

That is one.

You have a software architect who was clearly in the direction of where h-p wants to go and the higher end margin product in the technology industry.

That is another edition.

In the media executive addition, there is also another forward- looking legislator board of h-p. if you look at it from that perspective, one old world person who can help with potentially have to mitigate cause, coupled with executives who can steer the company from a where do we need to be, what kind of acquisitions we need to make some kind of markets we should be targeting?

A little bit of a balance.

Take a right.

H-p is a company needs a lot of work.

Why not add someone who is younger, known for being forward-thinking or known for innovation?

All of these guys are very experienced.

There is not one name that stands out for someone that is extremely innovative.

I do not think you will get a steve jobs type person to steer the company that way.

I do not think here the combination of bright minds for a diversified group of industries is likely going to be the right mix.

What about the numbers , 9212 -- is that too many cooks in the kitchen?

-- going from 9 to 12, is that too many cooks in the kitchen?

I do not know.

It is also -- companies struggle with is all the time.

How many people do we need to have to form a quorum to get things done.

Second, the kind of experience we need to have in this background and have a board experience, etc.? i do not know if there are magic

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