How You Can Own the Original Maltese Falcon

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Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Arlan Ettinger, president of Guernsey's Auctions, discusses the legacy and history of "The Maltese Falcon" film prop up for auction this week. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

$13 million.

Let's stay on the auction block.

My next guest was auctioning and was racing in 1953 maserati at the time.

He went on to auction memorabilia that was owned by the likes of jfk, and mickey mantle.

Today, he's here to tell us about the most valuable property and city met -- cinematic history, the maltese falcon him.

Thank you for bringing the maltese talking with you.

Tell us about this bird.

This is a plaster bird that looks fairly ordinary, but in reality is one of the most iconic objects in motion picture history.

This, and perhaps the ruby slippers from the wizard of oz, rosebud from citizen kane, the famous sled.

When it comes down to it, there are not things more iconic than this.

Maybe just give an idea for those who did not grow up watching humphrey bogart in black-and-white, in the maltese falcon, the role that the bird plays in the movie and how does it end up at guernsey?

It was a film the alarm, a ministry film -- a film noir , a mystery film, and there is a mystery surrounding the bird.

And there comes a moment where they are discussing what it's made of.

And bogart's answer, "it's what dreams are made of." it became one of the most memorable objects.

This figure entered a private collection from the gentleman who has arguably the finest collection of vintage guitars probably in the world.

And that collection is coming up for sale in february, ranging from rock 'n roll era, eric clapton, back to earlier guitars.

But we are talking about this.

The bird.

And it is not jewel encrusted.

In the movie, the big search is for this bird that -- and some might connect it to the knights of malta and it was supposed to be encrusted with precious jewels.

This is just the bird.

It's just the bird.

What is the estimate?

It's hard to predict.

Somewhere near $1 million to $1.5 million.

Were there other versions of the bird made?

All props done in movies are made in multiples.

Think about it, things get dirty, things get broken.

It is believed there were six made.

This being the only one that was initialed by the sculptor, whose daughter age 10, is still very much alive and well and authenticated this on the set.

Is this a genre of collecting that is getting more and more interesting?

The film from 1941 is certainly long before many of us

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