How Wren Got 20 Strangers to Kiss for First Time

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March 18 (Bloomberg) -- Melissa Coker, founder and creative director at Wren, discusses the company's viral "First Kiss" video, which features 20 strangers kissing for the first time. She speaks with Matt Miller and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Creative director of the clothing company.

That is quite a commercial.

Passionate kissing.

The most passionate.

How did you get them to do it?

You bring to people together and see what happens.

Did you edit out -- not at all.

We left it all in.

Some people got a little into it.

They had never met before.

Some of the people were actors by profession but other people that were singers, designers, one person worked in a store.

A cross-section of cool l.a. people.

Two women, two men, an older woman, a younger man -- you really did diversity.

Did they get to pick?

They had no idea and they did not know the name of the person they would be kissing.

Just basically they walked on set, met this person for the first time, knew they would be kissing a stranger.

They took it from there.


I feel like i made you guys speechless.

We are just watching.

There you go.

These people are very -- wearing clothes that are manufactured by you guys.

What is pretty cool about this is why we should be looking at the close, we can't. 42 million views, a new kind of advertising.

Our director just put up the clothes so we could see them.

Thinking about sites like buzz feed and wanting to put that in a style context.

We wanted to do something out-of-the-box and emotional.

An example of content marketing that sort of has been disruptive . did you kiss anyone?

Doesn't the video make you want to kiss somebody?

There are people i know in it.

I never thought about him like that before.

Who knows.

Was it harder to find women?

The men were harder to find.

The guys were a little bit like what?

The budget was $1500 and we came in under it.

People did this for free?

They love the idea.

It was authentic and peer and exciting and they wanted to be part of it.

I was thinking that i would do this.

I have a girlfriend, so i wouldn't. they are married to other people, came in and essentially cheating.

They get a hall pass for that day.


That is pretty powerful marketing.

Have you seen an uptick in sales?

Traffic is up 14,000%. 96% of the visitors had never been there before.

Sales are up over 13,000%. it exceeded everything we could have ever imagined.

People went out afterwards, so maybe that's what got everyone.

I would say give yourself a raise but you're the founder of the company.

I will double my salary.

Sales are going to be booming as well.

Successful and amazingly fascinating.

You did this yourself and you came up with it.

You did not use an advertising company.

I think it has been the most interesting story for people, showing the power of social media and the internet today.

That you have to make content people are interested in.

You can have the biggest marketing budget but people don't care about your ideas.

Do you have people calling you up?

It is off the hook but there's always time for you.

Thank you so much for coming

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