How Would Social Tech Make Us Happier at Work?

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Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Tibco President of Social Computing Ram Menon and NT Advisors Founder Nikos Theodosopoulos discuss social technology and work on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Make us all a little more efficient and does and happy at work?

Rex i think there are a couple of things happening.

I think the workforce is used to what we call the ubiquitous wall which facebook has taught us is a great way to absorb data.

It is go mobile or die.

Everybody's offices in their pocket.

Now we have a big data explosion with a variety of things and to get work done, you need to talk to people and look at data, you need to get application input and have meetings will stop if you can get all of these things onto your wall, work can get done faster.

You have a pretty impressive list of clients.

Macy's, cathay pacific, what are you hearing from your clients where they say this is helping our employees and what kind of feedback do you get where maybe it's a distraction?

The most important thing for people at work is there is an operational objective to get work done faster, too make or save money.

Many successful implementations are all about that.

Kpmg was interested in making sure employers are on board faster.

Nielsen is a far-flung media company and want to get more feedback on employees with better ideas.

There's always -- always a reason from company to company.

What do you make of the model?

I think it makes a lot of sense and what i would be curious about is are there any verticals this technology is resonating more than others or is it rightly adapted?

That is a good question and what i've seen over the last for years is that it is pretty wide.

We have customers in government, retail and services and one of the most staying areas -- i think it depends on the culture.

Our three largest customers are hundred-year-old company's will stop i think it depends on the culture in the company and the need for transparency.

How do you overcome the initial obstacle a buyer might have?

When i was working in corporate, we had firewalls that block all social networking site outside.

How you are trying to sell it inside.

How do you overcome that obstacle?

I think what you have done is this is an enterprise company with $4000. -- with 4000 people.

The difference with what we have done is that it is at a platform and security and you can deploy it behind a firewall in your data center or a cloud application, so we give you a choice.

When you hear from your clients, they say -- do they say i need to see a return on investment before i buyer product or, because social is so much part of a way we live in our personal lives that you don't have to make that pitch as much?

Rex i think most of the savvy customer of ours don't look for an roi before buying but they definitely wanted after it has been deployed.

A lot of folks deploy it -- when we think of facebook, we say the whole world uses a. in many companies, they are being more savvy and they say let's have marketing or manufacturing use it first and then take across the board.

Before we talk about the model, third point has a stake in your company ensures are spiking today.

How do you see your relationship with your largest shareholders?

We have always been about making sure we add how you for our shareholders.

We have met or exceeded expectations on our margins and in fact, our portfolio, we have a lot of products mccloud area has shown a 45% year-over-year growth.

We've made all of the right investments and we look at 2014 as the year of growth.

The stock is really soaring.

Are you expanding in a new way or is there something being added?

We are doing what we should, which is making great software, keeping customers happy, and we believe our shareholders will be very happy.

Thank you for joining us.

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