Target Data Breach Exposes Vulnerability: Gensemer

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Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Burson-Marsteller U.S. Chief Strategy Officer Thomas Gensemer discusses the credit and debit card security breach at Target. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Did the ceo videos and they were really thoughtful about their apologies but really what most of these retailers are in the middle of, they are not in the control of it.

-- they're not in control of it.

What they need to do is have a clear point of view of what they should be doing better in the future.

Much of this is because of the decline in security features that should have been put in years ago.

We are still operating on rails 50 years ago -- 50 years old.

Wasn't there a massive data breach in tjx e crooks there was roughly 80 million people and before that there has -- tjx?

That was roughly 80 million people and before that there were breaches from america's middleman.

The cost of investing in a new technology keeps getting put off read the new deadline is 2015 but that has been rolled back before.

At that point i think the liability will transfer from the credit card processors to the retailers.

That may be a new incentive.

You need a retailer to be out in front.

That is the opportunity for target.

Have you step out and not just have an apology but implement and change the way credit cards are done in the industry.

You have fewer people involved.

It is all online.

While they are still susceptible to it it is less than conventional retail pit is there a role for government to play?

I think there has to be.

We have seen some he delays.

We are behind so much of the developed world.

Our numbers continue to increase as others fall.

It needs to be government play here if retailers do not step up.

One thing that discourages anyone from doing anything is even though there is fraud doesn't count forelock -- for luck.

This is to the heart of the brand.

You're talking about service to the brand.

How do you change the conversation?

U.s. chief strategy officer.

Coming up on surveillance, the number for you, 150 $6 billion, that is how much the internet committees made last year mining the same data that the nsa has gathered.

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