How Will President Obama Curb NSA Surveillance?

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Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Former CIA Director Jim Woolsey and Good Harbor Security Risk Management’s Jacob Olcott discuss President Obama’s meeting with congressional leaders on the NSA Surveillance programs with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Televisions’ “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

. we can see announcement as early as next week.

What will it look like youe?

I hope the president does not listen to the people who have and calling for amnesty.

That is just red meat for trying to make money from turning it loose or ingratiating himself in some way.

People seem to act once they release classified information, they can hold on to it and it will not go to hezbollah or al qaeda or nice people watching the evening news on television.

That's not true.

Once you've turned it loose to anybody, you've turned it loose to terrorists.

There's a lot of naiàvete about this.

People are engaged in the most wishful of thinking.

What are you afraid is going to happen here?

What could come out i could be that damaging?

There is a large amount of intelligence embedded in the way that we go after intelligence using the nsa and ways to be able to just look at the outside of an envelope of spurs class mail and numbers called by telephones.

This is nothing new.

By being so shocked and appalled them not wanting anything to be kept in the hands of the government or used even by getting into the subsidy.

People want to know what's actually happening.

They want to know what the government is doing.

They don't like the idea of big brother looking at all of their stuff.

Have do we walked the tightrope where we make sure you are secure but also not looking into every one?

They want hezbollah and al qaeda to know because there is no way to block it.

I was just going to say the idea that the public will have trust and confidence to have the appropriate oversight is why we created the system we have with classified committee reviewing their nature.

The public really does not have that level of trust and confidence in the congress today and we are seeing and we are seeing this cause a lot of folks to question what's really going on.

You are a former director of the cia.

You understand checks and balances and you work under democratic and republican administrations.

Why has this tank completely broken down?

I don't know if it has.

It has been press generated and individual sets of problems.

Wait a minute.

The fact that the nsa is collecting data on all of us, somehow that does not strike you as out of bounds?

They are not collecting substantive data on us.

They only do that under a court order.

What they collect on the phone numbers that are called, the outside addresses and they have been doing that for something like 40 or the years that have been upheld.

It is not a crime or anything undesirable that i know of to look at the outside of an envelope to get into the substance of a telephone call.

It helps them keep track of who may be communicating if one of those people is a terrorist.

If you don't want anything like that all load, you don't want the dots connected.

You remember when everyone said, how can they not connect the dots?

This movement is saying do not connect the dots.

We cannot let them be connected.

That is what a are saying when they believe it is important not to let the nsa or any other agency be able to keep track on what's on the outside of the envelope for the till of the own numbers called.

Final word to you.

When the president addresses the nation, will we see something substantive?

The big question is what to do about the metadata program.

I would not a surprise to see the president shifted that program towards the tour instead of having the nsa keep the program as it currently is in place.

On the other hand, some of the other major recommendations from the review committee about the organizational structure of the nsa will probably be less likely to be implemented by the president.

Pimm fox joining us with a

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