Will Twitter Follow Facebook and Buy Snapchat?

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Feb. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bank of America Merrill Lynch Senior U.S. Economist Michelle Meyer and Techonomy Founder David Kirkpatrick discuss Twitter's earnings and Microsoft's leadership changes on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

What would you write?

I think you have to think about the company and stock in separate universes.

The stock is crazy.

The company is a very good brand, a good company with a great strategy and nice -- good ceo.

Using the revenue run the ipo to improve its business aggressively tom up but it is nowhere near worth what the market did it up to in my opinion.

It is not a company in my opinion that deserves the comparisons that are so frequently made to companies like facebook and google.

It is a relatively small business that is a very important mutations company but a massive -- but not a massive global powerhouse.

It is an incredible brand, and the media uses it to let leslie and obsessively.

-- uses it relentlessly and excessively.

I love twitter.

Do they need an instagram purchase?

What kind of acquisition?

It is funny, the kind of thing facebook is trying to do, they will probably try to do like buying snapchat.

If they had 5 billion or whatever they want, they would probably be well advised to do that.

Facebook has an interesting strategy of building a portfolio that is not just facebook products but they have instagram, messenger, and a groups product.

Those are almost like a conglomerate of internet companies.

Twitter needs to go that way probably, because the core product is very hard to use.

Do we see an effect on the real economy?

Our attention span, information flow?

You would think it would make us more productive to a certain extent on the one hand, because you have a share of information.

Or businesses, consumers, you know what the most efficient way to and spends -- way to spend and invest in.

But you have to ask, it is a distraction from our day to day jobs go it depends on how it is used.

I think in general social media technology is productivity boosting.

I totally believe that by the way.

Do you use twitter?

We are not allowed.

The lawyers are saying you cannot use it.

Before we go here, the idea of microsoft, you have some strong opinions.

I am trying to write something today about it.

I was able to sit down with him in november.

I was so impressed.

I have lunch with him the day his name first appeared on the shortlist.

It was not something he could really talk about, but the centrality of the cloud business to everything they do and how they will develop the inner's -- the cloud apps.

The one interesting thing he said is they no longer have singular developers.

The backwards engineer a product they can sell to other people.

When you look at the effect at microsoft, will he go on to microsoft or deballmer tehe company?

I am not sure what that would imply.

He is a much friendlier face than they have ever had.

Till gates is a genius, incredible visionary, but pretty rough character to deal with.

Ballmer was so intense he was not very friendly.

This guy is super nice, super smart.

I think he will prevent over -- presents a wonderful face to the company.

He is an indian national.

A truly global company.

He is in american now, but born in india.

A different kind of personality.

I am a huge fan of what he is capable of.

Is he well liked in the company?


Although not necessarily the one

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