How Will John Thompson Lead Microsoft?

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Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson reports on what John Thompson will bring to Microsoft as Chairman and if it’s enough to revive the company. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Over the years.

Now is the chairman of microsoft and took over for bill gates.

I think the role of john thompson at microsoft cannot be overstated.

They clearly made some really big non--microsoft like decisions at the board level not least of all making the decision about a senior leadership change.

John thompson was the guy directing the board to make the decision that put pressure on steve ballmer and will force him out even though he is one of the largest shareholders and one of the original microsoft guys.

Clearly, john thompson had a big role in being successor.

How involved was he in choosing sasha nadella to be the ceo?

He was part of the process.

One thing we saw is that anytime a name came up in the press -- i suspect those names came up because people threw them out there and made up the names -- the board took the step to say we are considering that person or we will.

We know about lots of people who were interviewed and went far along in the process.

It seems like the board went through some really rigorous work to determine both the direction of the company what kind of person they wanted to run it.

We asked john thompson earlier today what the biggest challenges are ahead for microsoft.

The issue for us is about focus.

One of the reasons why we chose sasha nadella is he has a strong technology background and understand exactly what needs to happen to move microsoft forward.

We are excited to watch the next few months unfold as he builds his strategy to redirect the company.

So much of that strategy will focus on the cloud or get the types of companies that find the cloud attractive, they want fast service providers, quick service providers, flexible service providers -- how is microsoft going to be more nimble to cater to that consumer?

I think microsoft has certainly demonstrated an ability to provide a cloud-based platform on which others can build applications.

On top of that, office 365 is a very successful cloud-based application.

The combination of those two things provide the foundation on which microsoft can clearly grow its cloud-based business.

The other dimension of microsoft strategy is focusing on how we become even more relevant to consumers and the devices and services strategy launched about a year ago is very much a part of that and it will be interesting to see how sasha augments that as we move forward.

You are the head of a struggling company, symantec, what lessons will you bring to microsoft as its new chairman?

I don't know if symantec struggle.

We grew from $600,000 to $6 billion in 10 years.

We were flat the last year and 43 years in this industry has led me to believe that nothing is more important than focus.

What do you make of his comments?

He is excited aboutsasha nadella but in terms of why he is the next guy to take microsoft to the next level -- microsoft finds itself in a moment of existential crisis.

The world in which microsoft came to dominate was essentially world built on pc's with their software running them.

They fought to get that and then they fought the wars of the wordprocessing andexc el.

There are all these programs out there that has significant market share that microsoft beat down and then they sat on that world and let the rest of computing of all -- we've all around that.

-- evolve around that.

They realize now we are moving and microsoft has had some strong efforts.

When you hear john psalms and -- john thompson talk about azure and as a focus for the future for the company, you can see they are starting to understand the future of microsoft will be very different from the past.

Some people say microsoft will have to make very tough choices and that might involve or should involve splitting the consumer and enterprise is nice.

What do you think?

It would be very drastic and different from the microsoft we know.

This same board that picked an insider to run the company is the same board that oversaw this reorganization nine months ago.

It does not involve a spinoff.

It did involves steve ballmer.

That was a time when the heat was already on him.

The company was not going to go through its just reorganization in the last 20 years without full approval and involvement of the board particularly if they had doubts about the ceo.

And he for are a spinoff are not likely to happen soon if ever because it is still an inside job.

It is still a guy from the company coming to run the company and the same board that made the decision about the reorg.

It's not like an outsider who has a very different idea how to organize the company.

We will be watching john thompson speaking exclusively with bloomberg television.

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