How Will Gov't Shutdown Impact Retailers?

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Oct. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Industries Poonam Goyal reports on the impact of the U.S. government shutdown on retailers. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

At this point at what extent are consumers used to this gridlock in washington and to what extent is this shutdown in other level and should we be more concerned?

I think you should be more concerned if it goes in the holidays, meeting if it goes in to mid november.

Then you ought to be a little concerned.

Aside from that, i think shoppers are shopping the way they do and holiday will be ok as long as retail as a commercial.

The what is most worrisome about the shutdown coming up this time of year is we are right on the brink of holiday spending or maybe this is the time when people start making their decisions about how much they are going to purchase.


You have to remember we are still eight weeks away from thanksgiving.

People are not buying for the holiday just yet.

A lot of consumers, they wait until the last minute.

You probably still expect shopping to occur on that rex ryan a week -- on that black friday week.

What are you hearing from retailers, how concerned are they about the gridlock?

I haven't heard much concern yet.

I think they will be concerned if it extends into the holiday season.

Right now i have not heard much concerned around it.

It is adjusting to see who is concerned and who isn't. we had a great story saying that groceries were closed on army bases but the golf course at st.

Andrews is still opened.

I mentioned that the national retail federation is overall optimistic for this year's holiday sale, what is your outlook?

I think they are good.

If we do not have a hurricane this year that is positive for the retailers.

The one negative is we have a shorter window between thanks giving and christmas and -- things giving and christmas.

The holidays should be ok.

We have a new gaming system that should help sales.

Hurricanes and default aside, it looks that we could be in good shape.

Thank you for joining us.

We will be back again on the

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