How Will Brands Use Facebook's Video Ads?

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Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Freshwire Founder and CEO Shawn Amos discusses Facebook's video ads with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Joins us from new york.

Freshwire provides content for clients like aarp and hershey.

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How does facebook do this right without getting a backlash?

Facebook has been testing this a while.

They know that the users are their number one right.

Facebook takes the experience -- it's very immersive.

Very personal.

They have to get it right.

They are touting the fact that users can scroll past these things very quickly.

The audio is off.

I think the gamble is relatively low.

I think the bigger issue is will users engage with them, not will they be upset i them.

-- by them.

Will they?

Do you think they will?

It depends on the content.

If it is a video ad, game over.

They will cut that thing down and there will be limited engagement.

If they are willing to take chances and play with the platform, it could be a winner.

Tebow taking risks?

What do you mean -- taking risks?

What do you mean?

Look at what ge did with their vine videos.

Something that is not necessarily groundbreaking, but pretty useful and cool and innovative.

The trick is really reading the audience, reading the platform, and stepping outside the comfort zone a little bit to use a tool that is because given them to try something that may be a new territory for them.

The tv advertising market is almost $70 billion.

How much could facebook conceivably steal?

They want all of it.

This is the message every digital platform is saying right now.

This is no different from youtube, all the digital platforms.

They all want to say that tv is dead, tv is over.

All the dollar should come to digital.

Obviously there is some truth to that and facebook is a really good job targeting their audiences, but tv is still a massive juggernaut.

To say it is dead is a little

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