How Will Boeing Bounce Back From Dreamliner Fire?

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Industries' George Ferguson examines the damage to Boeing from last week's fire on a runway at Heathrow Airport. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

This comes as they are trying to restore its reputation for the 787 that had to be grounded earlier this year.

It is a mess.

It does not look like it is related to the battery problem previously.

This emergency transmitter locator has a battery on a of its own.

Maybe that is the problem.

I think more interesting will be the repair to the composite all.

We've not seen a composite of all repair.

This is creating a composite halt.

We used aluminum before.

They say it will be relatively easy to fix.

Previously they have said the come possible should be easy to fix.

Now we will get a chance to see how easy.

You get it and take a piece out.

What do you do with the composite?

I believe there is presence.

-- resonce.

The fact of the matter is any new aircraft will have a lot of pickups and mechanical bugs.

This is not any different.

This is related to the battery box problem.

This is very separate from boeing.

This can be used and a lot of different aircraft.

Honeywell has spoken out, writing that this emergency beacon has been certified for use since 2005 without a single reported issue.

What do you do if there is a fire on board or low-level smoking even?

What do they do on an airplane at 35,000 feet when there is smoke in the cabin?

They get down as quickly as possible.

Fire is a terrible thing in an airplane.

Can you strap everyone in and open a window to let air in?

At that altitude you will not want to open any doors.

I do not think you could open the door, to be honest with you.

There is fire suppressant technology to put it out.

Talk about how critical this is for the strategy going forward.

As we watch the program developed about what we are concerned about is bowling is projecting a low single-digit number for this unit.

They have only sold 1100. the most successful programs, 747 and triple seven.

Those are 1500 unit programs.

They are telling me they have spent 6-$10 billion but a living in error -- airplay now that i will get a low single-digit returns on.

They have to find a way to make this airplane faster so they could put more efficiencies in it, create more margin and find derivatives.

Not to mention some of the pr headaches.

George ferguson, good to check in with you.

Analyst for bloomberg industries who covers aviation.

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