How Will an IPO Change Twitter?

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Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Editor-At-Large Cory Johnson examines how an IPO may change Twitter and how its strategy will need to evolve and grow. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Johnson spent friday at twitter headquarters in san francisco.

Is twitter trying to become an advertising company?

That's what they are.

We talk about what technology is.

Google and yahoo or amazon are advertising come mays.

They use tech knology -- they use technology.

Is twitter a content company?

They don't make any content.

Their users make content.

It is a platform for that.

They could have about $500 million in annual revenue.

The value could be $14 billion.

The twitter strategy, does it have to be more of a media company?

We will learn a lot about what their plans are and what they've got.

These are smart guys.

They know how this banking game is played.

In their documents, they will have to tell a story not just about what they have done over the last couple of years selling promoted tweets and contextual irrelevant advertising but also where the growth will come from and what rings might be around the corner.

Here is my twitter feed.

You can look for scarlet fu and sara eisen.

Do i want an advertisement in this is twitter stream?

They argued strongly that this is about constituent lysed -- contextualized advertising.

If they can learn enough about you through your tweets and friends, they can put an ad into your feed that will not make you mental.

Face was criticized for waiting far too long to go public.

Where is twitter in its growth cycle?

We don't know yet.

We don't know where the profits are with this company.

Is it profitable?

From what we understand, it was profitable last year but maybe not this year.

They have been spending things like crazy.

It's interesting how they had a confidential filing and made it un confidential.

The day they tell employees, is the day they will announce.

That's what they said.

Anthony noto was a media guy.

He was a dot com analyst.

He was taking investors saying this was the supermarket of retailing.

He left goldman sachs to become the chief financial officer of the nfl.

Then he left the nfl to come back to goldman sachs as their lead banker in san francisco for technology.

He is probably doing the touchdown dance getting the twitter ipo.

What is his mandate versus what morgan stanley did?

It is surely to get these deals.

I saw him last in las vegas at a private event that goldman sachs was having.

It was to coach him on what the future may hold for them.

Goldman sachs was trying to get close and smugly with these companies before they decided which bankers would take them public.

I'm fascinated.

Do they want less disclosure?

The tweet that twitter sent out said they filed for an ipo and it is not an attempt to sell securities what it is.

They are getting a lot of heat for that.

This does not require them to do this publicly on the filing.

This will be a well attended ipo.

Thank you for getting up with no sleep.

More with cory johnson, " bloomberg west." we've got a lot moving with a forex report.

This has to do with larry summers.

Strong euro, weak dollar versus the japanese yen and i threw in the turkish currency which is on the move.

It is jumping the most since october 2011. on the word of a deal with u.s. and russia to peacefully negotiate a solution with syria.

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