No Plan B: Inside the Mind of Edward Snowden

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April 21 (Bloomberg) –- Vanity Fair Contributing Editor discusses how Edward Snowden left the U.S. with NSA secrets. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It's very enlightening.

Even if you've followed this loosely, the idea that it's all in one place, it's a long read but a great read.

What did you find out that we didn't already know?

We started out with the idea there had been a great deal written about the program, the surveillance smit -- the surveillance program and there's ray little about what motivated him, who he was and how did he find himself?

He was one month shy of his 30th birthday, and leaving everything his life kind, his home, his country, his girlfriend and career.

There is a sense of terror that goes through the piece.

It has that tick-tock sense of what's going to happen next.

At some time, it seemed like he had a plan, but at other points, he didn't. that's a good question.

One of the things that astonished me was that i don't think he had a plan b. i think he got on the plane, left everything behind, had several flash drives in his suitcases and tens of thousands of documents outlining this country's top-secret and his only goal was to get these in the hands of journalists who would publish them and may be kind of go to hong kong.

That was it.

I think he knew right away very early on it he would reveal his identity.

Obviously the key to this is getting the cooperation of the other journalists.

It was very touch and go throughout.

There were times that they did not take him seriously.

Am going to tuba horn here for someone who has not had her horn tutored enough.

I don't know if we would have heard of edward snowden if it wasn't for laurel.

Grant -- lynn greenwald was first to be contacted but he adored him for months.

Laura called him and but he wavered and wanted to know.

He was soon wanting to come to hong kong and he wouldn't. laura stuck with them from the moment she heard from him in this mysterious e-mail tom i will make this worth your while in february.

Now that these journalists have been awarded blitzer prizes, does that confer on snowden a sense of legitimacy?

Is he no longer a traitor because the journalist received the ultimate prize in journalism?

I think absolutely they should have gotten may prize on the grounds that this is the biggest journalistic story of the year.

Maybe even the decade.

Was it the most difficult story for the journalists?

They are not the most sophisticated deal.

If edward snowden took all the risk and when he was very courageous, does it reflect on him, i -- it's going to be viewed by different people.

I don't think he was a traitor and it's never -- we have to look at every angle, but for some people, i don't think you will change anybody's mind.

In fact, it could inflame representative keating.

He said the pulitzer committee should drop dead.

Let me ask you how you broke down the work.

How did you break down the different pieces of this or was it just all hands on deck western mark it started out with expertise in the media.

She wrote about rupert murdoch and wikileaks.

I think above all and under all and around all, the individual

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