How Warren Buffett Changed My Life

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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) –- Tequila Avion Founder & Chairman Ken Austin discusses his tequilas and how helping cut a deal with Warren Buffett changed his life forever. He speaks to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Televisions’ “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

[laughter] thank you.

You are giving me a pronunciation lesson.

Can we talk about what it is like to be with warren buffett?

I never imagined i would be sitting at a poker table in las vegas with warren buffett.

I never imagined i would be sitting in an office in omaha with his art and are -- with his partner.

Or marquis jet.

We founded the business with berkshire pathway.

We sold marquis jet to berkshire hathaway in 2010. it was a dream come true for me and my partners who came from nothing.

We still feel like we came from nothing, which is a good thing.

It was a dream come true, which led to creating tequila avion.

Ok, the dream comes true, but you are not content.

It you go back into your personal history.

You were in the spirits industry for seagrams.

How do you come back to that?

It's an amazing thing how life comes full circle.

I have an accounting degree.

I worked for the gallo company -- ernest and julio.

Where i come from, it was a to too much hope, where you start there and die there.

I ran the beverage company.

The company was sold.

That is what led to the marquis experience.

Eating in the spirits, the wine industry, when you have that in your blood -- it is great to come back to it.

That is why i pursued my dream, which was to create the best tequila in the world.

How is it avion?

It is obviously a tequila.

Why did you start with tequila?

Because i am insane.

It is probably the hardest spirit to make.

Tequila -- especially altra premium tequila -- very hard to break through.

Like with any brand, but it is very hard to break through.

And i love tequila.

So, when i made it is vision to work on creating the best tequila in the world, it was that moment for me -- i want to pursue my dream.

I understood tequila.

I understood the wine and spirits industry.

I was an insider, even though it marquis jet, i have left.

My partner -- who you interview -- we got together and we work together.

-- we worked together.

Tell people a little bit about what you are actually making.

Avion --you hear the word inefficiency.

That is not a good thing.

When you make tequila, and you want to make the best inefficiency, that is a great thing.

You do not corners.

You do not worry about what it costs to make.

You just use the best.

The best glass, the best agav e. you are delivering a luxury product.

But what does a high-end luxury product like this -- what does a high-end luxury product like this cost?

It takes about 10 years to get a bottle of silver.

To get this liquid in the bottle, it takes about 10 years from the agave being distilled to being in this bottle.

We age for six years.

We age for two years in american oak barrels.

In avion espresso -- how is that doing?

For me, it is sort of a risk because i am a purist.

I want to give you time to go to something you call avion r eserva?

This is the pinnacle.

Avion won best tequila in the world.

We age it.

This avion, we took the silver, and it was in the barrels for 44 months.

It's incredible special.

-- it's incredibly special.

The bottle is crystal.

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