How Unpopular Is Apple's iPhone 5c?

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on Apple's cutting production of the iPhone 5c. (Source: Bloomberg)

If anyone stands in the way, this could take several days to play out.

But as of now, the senate does have a deal to reopen the government and lift the debt ceiling.

Back to you.

This is "lunch money" on bloomberg television and we are streaming live on your tablet and mobile phone.

I'm adam johnson.

Some disappointing news coming out of apple.

The tech guy and is cutting fourth-quarter orders from taiwan.

Orders will be reduced by about 20% at one component supplier, 33% at another and 50% at another.

Analysts are siding week to man.

This fort twitter have -- net losses for twitter have tripled as it faces opposition from other social media sites.

Elsewhere in tech am earnings season has begun.

Turning with yahoo!. revenue in the quarter slipped to about 1.1 billion dollars.

Traffic to the site is rebounding and the ceo has optimism.

Last quarter, i announce some exciting news.

After years of negative numbers and yahoo!, we have reversed this trend.

He have achieved year-over-year growth.

And today i'm happy to announce in september, we achieved crossover with our mobile traffic levels.

Meaning our products been and resulting increasing engagement has increased traffic.

These numbers cap pcn mobile traffic, but they do not include others.

In other words, these numbers are essentially a measure of the core yahoo!

Met dirk -- network.

Reporting revenue of $13.5 billion in the third quarter, about the same as last year.

One area of strength, chips for servers.

We are seeing growth again in the data server group.

Year-over-year group was up -- the year-over-year growth was up 12%. and in the client segment of our business, what we saw was some strength in enterprise, strength in mature markets, or at least a bottoming, and an offset in the client pc market continues to be somewhat sluggish.

Some nice bright spots, but still a bit of caution based on what we see in emerging markets.

Gp has improved and this is reflected with an increase of business in the data center and the corporate client base.

Again, cautiously optimistic that this is fueling income, certainly in the data center.

As the proliferation and the devices happens, as more and more people have smarter devices that all computer, which is the strength of intel, that is driving the need for this back and investment.

In asia where we are, you see this growth of ip data centers, the growth of telcos at different services.

That is encouraging for our business.

Obviously, we would like to accelerate that as much as possible.

Here is a nugget for you.

Intel was founded by a chemist and a physicist in 1968.

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