How Twitter’s Engineer Salaries Stack Up

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) –- Glassdoor Community Expert Scott Dobroski discusses how much Twitter cares about investing in talent with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Networks make the most with an impressive 150 $9,000. linkedin comes in second, followed by yahoo!

And google.

Facebook takes a surprising ninth spot on the survey.

I want to bring in scott the brodsky, who is a community expert who helps put this research together.

Why is juniper on top?

We are getting that question a lot.

When you look at software engineers in their annual base salary, that is an important keyword, open -- keyword, "base salary." other companies, not as much.

Twitter we have been talking about, they have spent a lot of their revenue on r&d. 50% goes to r&d. the google, 14%. why is twitter spending so much yet -- so much?

They care about their product going forward, really competing.

We know they continue to rage on here.

Twitter is obviously taking a proactive stance ahead of that.

Some of the figures you mentioned might be showing some other companies might need to step up.

Twitter comes in at number five.

It comes in at number five but not too far behind.

I believe twitter is 20 $400,000 in the past year and -- $24,000. these talented software engineer stick around.

Facebook is number nine.


Facebook is still a pretty good salary.

Looking at base salary, that is where they rank.

If we look at total compensation, facebook is an interesting case.

Their software engineers report about $60,000 plus in total compensation.

One of the other things you look that is tech engineers being hired elsewhere in the country.

Obviously we know a lot of people are being hired in the bay area.

Where else across the country are software engineers getting hired?

Clicks it was interesting to see that.

Seattle ranks second for the highest number of employers hiring software engineers right now.

These are not huge surprises.

Let's dig a dude -- dig deeper.

Missouri appears in this comparison we looked at, companies such as american express, mastercard, are looking for software engineers.

Miami florida is hiring software engineers based on the beach in miami.


Number eight.

It is a simple explanation, walmart is the largest retailer, they need to be online, and who is going to bring that online service?

One last thing i wanted to ask you to get yahoo!

Is number three.

A pretty good salary, $130,000. what we hypothesize is there are two things going on in yahoo!. when we read the them that the engineer reviews, great leadership i marissa mayer.

She could be trimming the fat of underperforming software engineers or boosting the salary to lower integrate software

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