How TuneIn Competes With Pandora, iTunes Radio

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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- TuneIn CEO John Donham discusses the company's content and competition with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Let's talk about the process of adding additional stations for your users.

That's not an easy thing.

You have to go out there and negotiate.

Take us through the process.

Cracks it's a lot of hard work.

If you think about -- it's a lot of hard work.

Google has an easy problem of just scanning the text on a page about whenever we add a new radio stream, it's much harder.

How do you know what's playing on that station, the genre of music cap g? you get in the car, you don't know which station is playing one song, but we do.

It's one of the big challenges as we add tens of thousands of stations, we know everything about that station including what's playing.

, a station does the average user like to listen to?

I would assume what you are adding is dependent on that.

I like "raking bad." i was listening to these podcasts that i found on toin-- tunein.

A lot of times people are listening to specific content.

If you're listening to the stamford-oregon game, do you care about what station it's on?

Nom, you just care about listening to the game -- no.

They're always interested in what's going on right now but that is a respect of of what station it's on so they have the directory of live stations for both.

He told us in the past that you see pandora is more like your cd collection and tunein like the stations in your car.

They have been talking about apple's move into radio and big numbers.

How have your metrics performed since the introduction of itunes radio?

Things continue to grow for us.

We are real radio.

There is a human on the other end of every broadcast.

You are listening to things like news, talk thomas sports, play- by-play.

When you listen to the actual music radio, you're often hearing things like artists and studio doing live sets and these are the things you hear everyday.

It is not the typical thing you hear on a pandora or iradio.

This is real radio.

Always good to get your

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