How TubeMogul Gets TV Ads in Front of Mobile Users

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Brett Wilson, co-founder and CEO of TubeMogul, discusses how the company creates software for mobile ads with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Mobile technology that allows agencies and publishers to buy and sell video advertising.

Here to tell us more is to mobile's chief executive.

Of the company celebrated its first wave trading under the symbol.

Thank you very much.


Haven't gotten much sleep over the last couple of days, have you?

I could use some sleep.

What did they do?

If you talk to most cmo's they will tell you that they love the power of television ads.

We spent our time on digital devices.

Our software enables a brand advertiser to get those same tv ads in front of their audiences on digital devices.

Here is how the software works.

Rants can login and they have all the functionality they need to manage all of their digital video.

We automate a lot of options that are manual.

If you are a big consumer products company and an inventory of advertising, you can upload that and then select various audiences, various types of sites, subject matters, that would allow you to maximize.

Who they want to see their ad, when, where, and we package it up.

It is a really intuitive piece of software that makes it incredibly easy to do and we can launch digital video ad campaigns in the times takes to have this conversation.

What you have to understand is the prevailing model is incredibly manual.

It is driven by a request for proposal process through an ad agency, where they are sending out this document and people are responding.

Sometimes there is scotch involved.

We enable brands to do the same thing in minutes.

In technology it is all about everybody wins.

If you are changing the way people do things, someone has to be a loser here.

Of these are companies that are pre-buying media.

I was looking at the details of the company.

Have there been any responses to the incident in ukraine?


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