Is the 'Captain Phillips' Movie Accurate?

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Oct. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Brent Lang, senior writer at TheWrap, examines the controversy behind the new film “Captain Phillips” opening this weekend amid mounting questions mount about the accuracy of the story. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Before when hollywood has gotten its mitts on a true story.

It played a little fast and loose with the facts.

In this case, there is a debate going around whether or not richard phillips is the hero that the film portrays him to be.

We are not talking about a wikipedia page, it's a movie.

That is what filmmakers would tell you that they are trying to take a very complex narrative and smooth out the edges and create two hours of gripping entertainment.

They are not claiming it's a documentary.

I am showing up at the movies to be entertained.

It depends but many times, these true stories, particularly in oscar season when we see a lot of biopics coming out in spire a lot of controversy about the factual accuracy.

In this case, the charges are emanating from this lawsuit that nine of his crew members have brought against the shipping company, saying he ignored warnings that somali pirates were in the area operating there and endangered the crew.

Isn't this the same kind of concern that was raised about the way the assassination of osama bin laden took place?

Certainly, in that case, that proved to be very damaging to the film's oscar chances.

I don't know about this movie and i have not read many reviews but i don't know whether it has legitimate shot at an oscar but they sound the experience of "zero dark 30," we could probably go to similar conclusions.

It depends how the studio handles the controversy.

There were congressional investigations to the other movie and eating of the drums.

It was hard to ignore that.

That made the movie very timely.

In the case of "the king's speech" there were inaccuracies but it went on to win best picture.

This controversy has people talking about the movie.

I wasn't talking this much about "despicable me2." actually i was.

People are talking about this controversy at dinner parties.

I think so.

The reviews will probably be what sells the movie.

It's got a 94% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes which is pretty good.

The oscar buzz israel in this case.

Ultimately, if you take 94% rotten tomatoes, the buzz around the controversy, does it not the gravity out of number one?

I don't think so.

" gravity" should win this weekend.

It will probably be $20 million this weekend.

Tom hanks got it done on water with "castaway."

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