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Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) –- Professional Skateboarder Tony Hawk discusses his new clothing line, YouTube’s “The Ride Channel” and the up and comers to watch in skateboarding. He speaks to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Tell us a little bit about how you managed to turn skateboarding into almost everything, a videogame, on online experience as well as the clothing line.

What haven't you done yet?

Well, i just did things that i felt were intuitive and that were easily associated with our culture and our sport.

Skateboarding is not so much a sport as a lifestyle.

There is so much night that transcends in terms of music and fashion and entertainment.

That is what i wanted to do.

I wanted to promote skateboarding in the best way possible through different media as well.

Using different medium, you have put together a foundation.

Tell us what you are doing.

My foundation supports public's state parks.

We try to empower communities that have already gotten the ball rolling in terms of petitioning the city or holding fundraisers.

We give them the resources and funding to get the parks built.

Today, we hope to build over 500 skate parks and we have given away over $4 million.

I guess you can buy the clothing, tell us about the clothing.

We do clothing.

For the last few years, we are branching out through cherokee.

I'm excited because i feel like it is a brand and it is something that is rather iconic with our sports but we have never been able to do it outside of the u.s. on a bigger scale and now we will do that with their resources.

Tell us about the ride channel, about using the internet to bring specialized programming to the people that want to you watch you and other skateboarders.

This is a youtube channel that we started.

We did it in conjunction with google.

. basically, it covers all sorts of state centric content from new tricks to interviews, bands that enjoy skateboarding and i interview celebrities as well, people that interest me.

People that i admire and have access to.

What kind of expense does it take.

How much money does it cost to create these kinds of channels?

Can you give us an idea of what happened at the beginning and what kind of numbers we're talking about currently?

In the original -- and the beginning, we try to create a ton of content.

We started to realize what works, what people are watching and what they holding onto.

Our budget is half of what it was.

We have more viewers than ever.

When you say the budget is half of what it was, what are we talking about?

Half of what it was meaning it might have been in a million dollars?

Just give us a range.

Looks like a million a year.

-- like a million a year.

You have to keep the pipeline full.

People always want to be the next champion.

I am always looking for new talent in terms of appreciation but also for ideas and inspiration.

Due it the top guys now are tom shargh, nikki brusco.

Another guy was just in sydney.

He has really come into his own.

Still playing video games.

People will ultimately challenge you.

We are working on a mobile game.

We are working on a game from all of devices.

We have never gone exclusively that direction yet.

I'm excited, from the amount of time that people are spending on their phones and tablets playing games, we have never had our own game in that space.

Three and a half million followers on twitter.

Is that considered a good thing for you, tony?

When you get three and half million people doing anything, i love to share what i'm doing but also stuff that is outside of just my personal world.

It is a great way to communicate, to be honest.

It is the best focus group i've ever had.

Is that we use it for, to check out what is working and what is not?

You can measure the direct financial benefit of twitter.

I have not been able to measure that and that is not why i got into it.

I do not concern myself that much.

I have given speeches about social networking.

I like to do fun stuff.

I hide stuff all over the world and just tweet out of the clues as to where it is.

Skateboards and other products.

When will you be putting this out?

This is on the skateboard treasure hunt.

This is the 17th.

Maybe this is just in time for the easter eggroll on the lawn.

I'm about two blocks from the white house.

Tell us about your experience in entering the nation's capital.

There is some celebrity athletes to talk about fatherhood and i went to the white house so i brought my skateboard.

Mostly because whenever i travel without my skateboard, everybody asks me where it is.

I just brought it for good measure and i found myself in a hallway alone and realized i could skate down the hallway and get a photo of it.

It sparked some controversy.

People thought i was disrespecting the white house.

I was doing the actual thing that brought me there.

I felt like i was honoring it in some way.

Let's say that you can date for down the hall from the white house.

What about in the summer olympics, would you like to do that?

I might be past my prime is a professional in terms of competing.

, i think the olympics will benefit as much as skateboarding will benefit from being in there because they don't have that youthful edge in the summer games the way they do the snowboarding and the winter games.

I'm surprised it has taken this long.

It is very likely to be in the 2020 games.

We will look forward to it.

Maybe you will be the coach.

Tony hott joining us from los angeles.

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