How to Write a Prenup Without Losing Your Shirt

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) –- On Todays’ “The Paybook,” National Divorce Capital Founding Partner & President Nicole Noonan discusses providing funding for people going through a divorce and the importance of creating a prenuptial agreement. She speaks to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Divorce capital.

We provide necessary funding for spouses in need.

We provide funding for litigation costs, expert costs, private investigators are forensic accountants as well as for living expenses.

Because the divorce settlement might not take lace over a sufficient time, it might drag on.

Or the assets can be frozen or husband may not be so forthcoming with finances and the cut off credit cards and they have no ability to get to that settlement they deserve.

It is typically based on your experience, men who are necessarily in charge of the money?

It is the non-monied spouse, typically men who are in charge of the pursestrings.

A prenup is a great idea to have in place before you get married.

We do not expect to get into an accident when we get into a car.

We buckle our seatbelts anyway.

It is protection not only for the monied spouse but also the non-monied spouse as well.

And maybe feelings and perceptions about what is and is not romantic in terms of marriage.

How do you set the stage for non-emotional exploration?

For exploring prenup conversations, it is easier to do during the courtship stages than in court.

When emotions are less flared, when you are more in love, it is easier to have that conversation.

It should be a conversation you can have with your future spouse.

It will be -- there are a lot more difficult situations in life.

It is never a good idea to sign an agreement without having counseled -- counsel.

You and your spouse should be represented by an attorney.

Not the same attorney.

You should have an estate and trust attorney.

You should be planning for your well because they can strengthen one another.

If they do not say the same thing, the prenup will oftentimes prevail over wealth.

It is important.

Expert advice when it comes to any agreement or contract that you might sign as part of the prenup and also get that same advice when it comes to planning your estate and your personal financial affairs.


Many states require that you are represented by an attorney.

What are some of the other tips?

You have three or four.

It should be designed to grow with your marriage.

Just because you're making 60,000 today does not mean you will not be making 60 million later.

Bruce jenner and cris jenner.

-- kris jenner.

This is a thing you can revisit and assess.

And stay to stay, prenup will expire upon a milestone, a birth of a child.

I think a good tip, every five years, review that prenup.

As far as the reaction from the individuals who have good prenups, if they end up being divorced, what has been the result, have you been able to see a better outcome?

It takes a lot of the emotional and financial stress out of a divorce with a good enough.

Are there guidelines that people ought to follow or can follow and say this is what a norm is, this is what other people have done, this is what is generally accepted?


Make sure you give enough time to your spouse.

Do not give it at the altar.

If you're looking to get married, you should plan for that prenup.

A good rule of thumb, before the invitations go out, make sure that is in place.

Can go back and forth for negotiation or exploration?

It is a document that can be changed.

It is a living document.

It should be changed.

Like a well.

It should be risen -- revisited.

Can they be expensive?

It could be a couple thousand too much, much more.

I want to thank you very much for joining.

Nicole noonan, and

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