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Dec. 24 (Bloomberg) -- "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook" Author Gary Vaynerchuk discusses social media strategies on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

The author of a new book.

When people think of you -- i've probably you on twitter and they think you can't get social media wrong.

You put something out there and the world loves it.

Clearly that's not what happened here.

If you work for anyone, you are not an individual.

It reflects your entire company.

How did this go so drastically wrong?

What went wrong is somebody said something ridiculously awful.

I take a totally different spin on this.

I see in everybody's worried about their company and employees doing the wrong thing, does anybody really think their customers are going to stop working with them?

Absolutely not.

Justine has a problem.

Forget not your job, what about your legacy.

This woman's children and great- grandchildren, this is her face to the world.

I'm more worried about legacy than jobs.

There's no big corporation that's going to lose a ton of business often employee saying something silly.

Let's call it what it is.

There's a ton of ridiculous stuff being said every single day.

Humans are flawed, we just have tools to show how flawed we really are.

Help us understand how to use social media correctly.

You put yourself out there and give your opinion and there's a huge risk in doing that.

I think intent matters area you could look back at the history of what she said and there's a lot of questionable comments to the years.

I'm not scared to share my opinions because my intent is never wrong.

I may make a mistake but intent is the driving force.

Back to the title of the burke -- to the title of the book, give, give and ask.

For ceos watching this right now, they are not giving enough to their audience.

By my book, buy my stock, watch my show.

It's all right hook, right hook, right hook and we know a right hook is coming, you are going to duck.

Let's assume you have a virtual phd in social media.

How did you get it?

I story is unique in the fact that i'm an immigrant.

I was born in russia, my dad had a liquor store and i learned what i learned in social media by working the floor of my dad's liquor store.

All i ever do on social media or life or even right now, all i'm watching is people's behavior.

I watched how people walk around the store and what they reacted to.

It's salesmanship and psychology.

All i tried to do is think about how did people become like in real like -- in real life.

Then how do you figure out what is authentic and what is not?

With a million followers, you get people tweeting the following me back, what do you think about the jets?

How do you get your authentic voice out there?

I think everything is real.

I'm not worried about getting got.

I'm not worried about loving time into people that have intent to only sell me something or use me to get to somebody else.

I think there is enormous leverage in giving first.

The biggest problem right now in society, let alone the brand some consulting for is that everybody wants things very quickly and are fearful of giving it without getting.

The leverage of giving first is how i got my voice and why i have results.

I'm not worried if i give and don't get.

When you eliminate entitlements, you create enormous leverage.

When ge picks up the phone and says on going to call this russian kid who learned his skills walking the floor of a liquor store, what is that conversation and what do you do for a company like ge western mark in 2009, we started the company because brands were asking me why do you have all these followers and we are big global brands and we don't have anywhere close to it.

The ge conversation had a couple of years in after we started working with pepsico.

What we do for ge or any other brand we work with is we ask a very simple question.

It's fun to talk about here but its business.

What do you want to accomplish?

Then we decide whether twitter or snap chat -- which platform can we accomplish that on and was put out content that drives a business objective.

I am on snapshot all the time.

I look at it and say this is an app for sex thing and you disagree.

That's what old white male media decided to label it.

You just called me old white media -- happy birthday.

Is it ge?

It is skewing young.

If i'm trying to court 16 to 25-year-olds, you need to be on snap chat.

The reason it works is it grabs your attention.

While you are looking at it, everybody is worried about impressions.

How many people sought?

I don't care.

I care how many people cared to see it and consumed it and then have the intent to act on it.

I'd rather have three customers in the a million dollars then 50 million customers paying zero.

You have to hold down the button and see it and then it disappears, unlike facebook and

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