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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Egos Ventures CEO Bruno Francois discusses the company's hands free panoramic photo taking app on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

An idea of how this works.

It still counts as a selfie.

We have another one that does the same thing.

You press start.

We will do the 180. how does a turn like this?

It uses the vibrator inside the fountain of the right frequency.

It takes individual shots.

A high-quality image from the camera on the back.

We do like 40 megapixels, which is really high.

How long have you been working on the technology?

It has been a year.

The hands-free is just release for 5s now.

Iphone 4 we have a video converter.


Is this done now... can you show us?

There you go.

That is wild.

Iprogramming the vibration am a what is the science behind that?

A long time ago i saw that my nokia phone was moving and i wanted to do and after that was unique.

I said let's do something that was not meant for that purpose.

I did some tests.

I could change the five ration from different surfaces.

As soon as i was able to do a 360, i said let's do a panoramic.

Mark cuban invested in your company after an appearance on shark tank.

Right now we just launched another app.

It is more of a selfie you scan your face and does 3d. let me ask you what the business is.

How has it they're working with app store and getting it approved?

I was afraid it was not going to be approved to tell you the truth.

We submitted the day before christmas.

I was not sure.

We got rejected at first and had to do a video to prove it.

The guy said, it is magic.

I did a video.

I think we have like five or 600,000 views in a few day.

That is really what launched the app.

Can i ask you what is going on on the back of your found?

Just a signature.

That is 50 cent.

That is permanent?

Do you have another phone?

We can sign it.

All right.

I/o is have the latest want to do the test.

Deked technology is fascinating.

Excited to see what you do with it.

Thank you for joining us.

Time for the bwest bite.

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