How to Solve the Road Salt Bottleneck

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Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Former CNN President Jon Klein and Bloomberg's Adam Johnson look at U.S. road salt use this winter on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

And highway departments have been struggling to get the salt they need to keep roads safe.

We know that is the case in atlanta.

Adam johnson is here to explain the issue.

Qwest two issues.

A lot of snow.

It is not a shortage.

Not an assault.

We have had 81 major snow events.

The average is about 45 typically.

That is part of the issue.

Another part is there is a total bottleneck of salt.

There are only so many minds in the country.

If you were to look at a map of the u.s., there are only a handful of places where salt is mind.

One in texas, the big one that looks like a full moon, they account for almost half of the salt.

You can see why atlanta has got a problem.

They are not near the salt lines.

The president of the salt induced -- institute said, there is not a salt shortage.

It is a bond -- and abundant supply.

Many are ordering midseason and it did -- and there is lead time.

No preservatives necessary when you store salt.


They're all -- there are alternatives.

There are additives.

You take regular rock salt, like table salt but bigger, that will lower the freezing point down to two agrees.

Be jews, it lowers it to -12. you cannot just throw be jews.

What about a snowplow on the streets of new york city.

That is an alternative.

What about actually throwing down gravel?

You live down out in the suburbs.

I have been ordered not to shovel my driveway by my wife.

The first day we moved out there, 12 years ago, i went out for a snowstorm and shoveled and she said to get in.

If i moved to the suburbs, he would be out there.

It is a whole business, a whole economy of guys who go around with their plows and they are good.

A lot of those guys are spreading gravel.

Out in the brook, where we go shooting a lot.

Gravel more than salt.

Qwest they have gravel roads.

A lot of dirt roads.

You basically take a combination of dirt and sand and makes a little oil and press it down.

You did not know i knew this much about roads.

He is the infrastructure king.

If you want to know about roads, he is the man to go to.

The reason is he loves the equipment with with -- which you make roads.

You put a pad under a horseshoe to protect horseshoe.

Getting to rock salt, there are five.

I mentioned the largest accounting for almost half, 12.2 million.

We consume 35 million in this country.

You can see cargo.

A concentrated industry.

Rock salt, he is a rockstar.

In ireland, you should go to the salt mines.

He knows quite a bit about perfumes.

Our chief economics editor here at bloomberg television.

We have the initial jobless and spirit how is the weather affecting those numbers you requested does not appear to be affecting the numbers.

A slight rise.

More than expected.

We are still in the range we have been in.

Just noise.

We have had a lot of holidays in recent weeks.

Things are going pretty well.

You said i know a lot about economics.

I do not know as much as i would like to know because i do not have retail sales numbers.

They were due out at 8:30.

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