How to Recycle Old Batteries

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Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on battery recycling. (Source: Bloomberg)

Power electric cars can be reused.

This company has come up with a sustainable way to recycle.

Where did the lines of the lithium ion batteries and up?

Few are recycled or sent overseas debacle stuff pulled out.

Most end up in landfills.

One company says it found a process which has little or no environmental impact and it is ready to scale its battery recycling technology worldwide.

All of these batteries that are in laptop computers, cell phones, ships, airplanes, all of those chemistries are highly recyclable.

He grew up running the wild rivers of oregon.

He has a passion for clean environment.

He drives a hybrid vehicle himself.

He says the cost of batteries and electric vehicles is a specific target for his team of researchers.

This helps to reduce the cost of ownership for electric vehicles.

The goal is to make batteries that are not destined for the dump.

The recycling can be dangerous and energy intensive.

They're creating safe ways to harvest materials and place them back into service.

You take that or is at the end of life and these things can be dangerous.

We take those materials and refurbish them into manufacturing grade.

Extracting clean materials is part of the process which typically requires the most expense.

Lowering and terminal damage and creating recyclable process is a big part of the future of this technology.

At the end of life, the big impact will be these are not a cost burden but available resources for use in manufacturing again.

Secure capital to take the technology to scale.

Less waste, easier on the environment, maybe your wallet, trying to take advanced and recyclable batteries to the next level and move the plan of forward.

You can see the biggest ideas every monday on "bloomberg west." can sustainability actually look

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