How to Quit Your Job on Live TV

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May 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Felix Gillette discusses the implications of Liz Wahl's resignation from Russia Today on live television with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)


Joining me to discuss, felix gillette.

He wrote a story about how she successfully quit her job.

Good to see you.

What do you think when he gets an assignment like this?

I think this is sort of a thing that a lot of people can relate to.

This fantasy of not just quitting, but quitting in spectacular fashion that the whole world takes notice.

You go out righteously and people say you know what, your employer was wrong.

That is a hard thing to pull off.

Liz did it well.

Is it likely she's going to get another job in the media?

I think so.

We caught up with her after she did it.

We were curious what it has been like.

Are other employers interested?

She said basically she has had a bunch of job interviews.

She has a bunch of public speaking requests.

People now know who she is.

I don't think anyone has heard of her before.

We are interested.

Suddenly, this network that no one pays much attention to in the united states, suddenly people were watching.

What better opportunity to say i don't agree with what we're doing and i'm out.

Let me play devil's advocate.

Rt news is state sponsored by the russian government, english language.

Nothing has change in the ownership.

When liz took the job, the same owners.

No change of policy.

It is an opportunistic, sheep raymond -- she friended as political.

It is the only time.

If she'd toquit six months ago, no one would have noticed.

A lot of people care.

If you watch the network it is pretty much incredible propaganda for the russian government.

She, timing is everything.

The list of where the video of for quitting her job has landed.

It has been on cnn, anderson cooper, steve uncle bear -- stephen colebert.

The clip went viral after it happened.

She basically said she left the building, she wasn't going to step play it -- step foot in that place again.

She thought she was going to go home and think about what she had done.

Immediately television bookers were calling her.

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