Cybersecurity: How to Kill the Heartbleed Bug

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April 9 (Bloomberg) –- HighQ Chief Strategy Officer Prateek Kathpal and Berkeley Varitronics Systems CEO Scott Schober discuss the Heartbleed bug and internet vulnerability. They speak with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

How does heartbleed work exactly?

? is a full -- heartbleed is a flaw.

Open-source encryption technology used by most websites , it is a form of communication on the internet.

That is what they used to secure information.

Emotional the information on the energetic today, like passwords, instant messaging, e-mails, your financial information is encrypted using the open ssl.

The father has just been found called heartbleed is actually a security bug or programming error in that particular program.

Has anybody been able to exploit that yet?

There'd are some news here and there but not widespread problem yet.

But the issue is that he can be very catastrophic if not fixed very ugly.

The smaller companies out there, if they take some time to fix this, it could lead to very big problems.

Like what?

Since all the information on the internet is already exposed, the cyber criminals can very quickly gain access to this information, gain access to the flaw and start getting that information.

Then use that information to impersonate the user's and get access to data.

So they have to worry about their bank accounts being hacked online.

Obviously a big concern.

How should people be thinking about this particular vulnerability right now and how can they protect themselves?

For the immediate time frame, minimize your use is to the internet where you divulge any type of information where you your password in or anything like that.

For right now?

What is happening, until they can patch this open ssl on the servers, two out of three servers are affected, so this is the major him a widespread.

Why is the soul of a sudden right now?

Why does it matter in the next two or three days and not worry about this two or three months ago?

They did not know about it back then.

It has been two years that this vulnerability has been out there.

A researcher recently discovered it and realize the disc -- the severity of an area buddy is panicking.

You have yahoo!

And fbi and other servers, potentially that information could be taken off.

Are there hackers out there right now who are deliberately -- who know about?

This now -- or try to take advantage absolutely.

They are looking for opportunities.

They pull this all of the memory and they had the christian keys now as well.

That is what is scary.

Later on, they can decrypt it or decipher it here it will only take two or three days to fix?


They arty have the fix up there.

Lay off the internet.

No passwords anyway.

Thank you very much.

Coming up, we will talk about this close.

Up 172 right now thanks to the

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