How to Prevent Cable TV Cord-Cutting

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Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Comcast Cable Chief Business Development Officer Sam Schwartz discusses venues that are only available on Cable TV. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Let's start with the grammys.

A were last night.

This is one of the few live events that people will not cut the cord for.

You cannot get anywhere else.

What are you doing to prevent cord cutting?

It was one of the biggest moments in television history in london.

One of the most-watched events was the london olympics.

We are turning it up a notch for sochi.

For london, it was not about the television set.

There was a lot of content that was on the mobile platforms and the web.

We're doing even more of that for sochi.

When you think about how many hours of events -- there are more than 1000 hours of events at the olympics.

Only about 500 of them can be broadcast on traditional tv.

Nbc has an app called the nbc live extra app.

It features every event available streaming to your tablet.

The news from comcast is that we are going to make that available on our platform.

You can watch it on tv?

Every minute will be available to watch.

When you decided to tape delay a number of events, that was very controversial.

Some people were pretty pissed off about it.

Is this a result of some of the lessons you learned?

We are taking it one olympics at a time.

We learned a lot from london.

We learned that when people have available the live content as it happens, and actually adds to the ratings later in the day.

It does not take away.

We think it is additive.

We have made the distinction that every event will be available as it is played in sochi.

Let's talk about sochi.

What will we see life?

-- live?

On the comcast platform, in addition to the networks of nbc, which will feature content all day long -- we will take the nbc live extra app and move it to our platform.

How many people have the settops?

More than one million now.

We are rolling out in markets.

That is not many compared to europe.

Not everybody.

2014 will be a big year for us.


we are making this available on our platform.

There's also video on demand is available for subscribers.

They can watch replays.

In terms of lead content, we will have every single event available as it happens.

Coming more about the x1 in general.

The olympic sorry special event.

There has been a lot of discussion about whether it is worth covering.


Olympics aside, what else?

We are using it as a way to push innovation for the company.

There is a lot that we did for london that brought and -- broadened not just for the olympics, buffer between do.

One thing is that people are trying to figure out how to login.

If you are in your home, we can tell that you are a customer and we automatically log you in.

You do not have to have credentials anymore to get access to all of that content on your ipad.

We will broaden that capability across all of our platforms.

You are also experimenting with instant video on demand.

What is that?

We will have that in a subset of country.

If you are a few minutes late to watch a sporting event on the nbc network, you can start over from the beginning of that show.

You do not have to wait until it is over.

At any time during the airing of that broadcast, you can join from the beginning to catch the event.

I will be watching the olympics.

Sam schwartz, comcast chief

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