What Happens to Your Facebook, Twitter When You Die

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June 4 (Bloomberg) –- Everplans.com Co-Founder Abby Schneiderman and Bloomberg’s Kirsten Salyer discuss helping people take control of their assets online and preparing for death in the digital age. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Yet know?

This is something -- we live this existence.

It raises the question of how do you put these immortal self into the afterlife.

It could get hacked.

It continues to send updates.

Companies do not know how to handle or what processes go into transferring accounts or deactivating accounts.

What do you do?

We are leading the way in helping people take control of their digital assets.

We make sure people come to our website and organize and store all of their assets.

Are people waking up -- this is a morbid topic -- what's be honest.

Our people waking up to the fact that there are real risks?

Their children, other family members, companies they work for?

This is no different than buying a car seat for your new baby.

You are not thinking about car accidents, you're thinking about being a responsible parent.

That is what we think this type of planning is.

I know a boy who sent a delayed facebook message and his family could not do anything about it.

They did not know how to use facebook, they did not know his password.

Should your social media account freeze?

We do not think you need legislation.

You can come to everplan and document what accounts you have and who you want to have access to them when you are no longer able to.

It is important to know.

It is a legal gray zone.

Who gets access?

We're seeing about seven states have adopted these acts.

There is even the universal law commission that is the fiduciary of the digital assets act that will give legal representatives the same access as they would physical ones.

There have been talks for this legislation.

Does the court ruling giving europeans more rights in this regards?

As i understand it, the top court affirmed this notion of a right to be forgotten.

People could take action to clear stuff out of the internet that you do not want to be there.

There is this issue of how does a user maintained privacy online.

It gives users the ability to -- it doesn't show up in searches.

The user is taking a little more action.

It is all sorts of different ways in taking control.

It does not quite delete the information.

Why when a legal remedy or a core rolling or congressional action help?

The legislation can help.

It brings awareness to this issue.

People need to realize digital assets need to be taken into account.

They need to think about what happens to their twitter account . if there are millions of facebook users that are dead, should facebook -- they have x amount of billions of users, do they need to take into account a certain number of them are in the ground?

We are getting to the point where three facebook users die every minute.

We could get to having more facebook users that are dead than alive.

This is a way a representative can terminate the account or create a memorial account.

Does that mean social media accountable have a number i can dial one i have a facebook issue?

This would be an issue that would require a customer service department.

What happens now, people can write into facebook and they can request the account becomes memorialized.

That means -- i was telling you after my brother passed away, his account on facebook got hacked.

I was getting messages from my deceased brother, telling me that i should lose five pounds of belly fat before the summer.

What do you charge for the service?

There is a basic account that is free and a premium account that costs $35 a year.

Thank you for joining us.

When we come back, the credit

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