How to Play China's Growth With ETFs

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Eric Balchunas looks at how to play China's economic growth with ETFs. He speaks with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Strong economic growth in china sent world markets higher.

The question is, how do you played with etf's? only one person who can answer that.

Our etf specialist at bloomberg.

When you look at the performance of china etf's, if you're etf has tack you are near the top -- tech you are near the top.

If you do not, you will be a little flat this year.

The guggenheim china technology etf, it is up 56%. that is compared to the fxi.

But the fxi has little tack -- tech, it is all financials.

China tech, one way to do that is with guggenheim.

The other is the powershares golden dragon etf.

This tracks u.s.-listed china shares.

Fxi is h-shares.

This is a broad way to get tech exposure.

The crane shares china five-year plan etf, this basically looks at the chinese government put that -- out five-year plans.

It says it like sectors that it will back.

Tech is a big thing the chinese government is going to back.

While we are talking non- u.s., let's talk about the pigs.

Portugal, italy, iceland, ireland, greece, spain.

They are outpacing broader europe.

They got beaten up worst.

They are rebounding faster.

Flows into the etf's have gone to $7 billion.

The performance, they are all 20%. there is no etf, although there could be.

You have to go the single country route.

There are single country etf's. ishares has most of them.

The only one covered is not -- only one not covered is portugal.

You can see, they are all up.

Greece took a more volatile approach.

There is spain.


In recognition of robert shiller and his nobel prize this week, this is one etf to capture the cape ratio.

Cyclically adjusted price-to-

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