How to Organize the Big Data Behind the Apps

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Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- New Relic Founder and CEO Lew Cirne discusses the company's app data collection product with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Joining me is the ceo of that company.

Talk to me about what is working in the app business right now.

Every company is becoming a software company, companies large and small.

If you are a member -- if you remember mark andreessen, he said every business need software to function and grow and new relic will make that work well in production.

Is there a new kind of thing happening in the app world?

I feel like the gathering of big data is happening in size right now.

It seems absent and other things, there's so much more data being created but not necessarily figured out yet.

The reason why that's happening is because the software systems are so complex.

There are so many things going on to make a webpage happen or make it possible to check your flight status from your phone.

You need to measure everything going on inside those transactions.


If you want to understand how it performs for your customer and whether it's working, you have to observe how that is working.

Many of the specific app companies are small.

Investors look at these companies and say this will not be a huge business.

Does that change the way they consume the tools that help them understand their apps?

Every business can be a software business and small and large companies alike need to understand what their software is doing to succeed and grow.

His store click, tools like what we offer, have only been available to the largest companies.

At a harp -- at a high price for it we can reach companies of all sizes and we have they companies like bloomberg and comcast and smaller companies that use our services.

Give me an example of how they can change their app to work better.

People on this website want to know if they load a page that if the page 615 six to load, people and bloomberg are saying we should make that three seconds or less.

Where we are going is helping them understand how many people are logging in to the website or on the mobile app and what are they doing in what can we to modify or software to make them more engaged and active with their web properties?

Give me a before and after example.

Coming up on we've got a company that was trying to roll out apps to their software base -- and what does it do?

Our software would tell them when a spike in traffic happened because people were coming on for a flash sale.

We saw that slowing down and we said this is the problem that is causing the slowdown.

Fix that and people can log in and conduct commerce.

This is keeping a business open.

What were the tools that were used before your company?

I found of first company to do that.

It was your fault.

The company was required in 2006. -- was acquired in 2006. new relic has 70,000 customers at a fraction of the cost britain we are democratizing the software.

Every business needs to make sure their software works.

Thank you very much.

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